Back to Basics: Trading with MACD

Binary options macd indicator

You can see Macd in several forms out there because the traders and the coders try to adjust it to the their current strategy.


The default setting of this indicator are 12,26,9. Look at the first screen shot.

MACD Divergence Strategy

In this chart we have a MacD with default settings without the histogram. We have only the zero line the purple line and two EMAs, the 12 day which is the faster one and the 26 day which is the slower.

The MACD has been proven its worth in the Forex and stock markets for a number of years and has been the staple tool for any technical analyst. Yet the question remains, how effective is it when trading binary options?

Now, form this screen shot we could take some signals. When the EMAs are above the zero line there is a bullish activity.

  • A MACD chart is a prime example of this.
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On the other hand, when the EMAs are below the zero line there is a bearish activity. In the chart you can see some put arrows.

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There arrows are EMAs crossovers. In the opposite condition when the faster EMA is above the slower we have a long signal. Take a look in the second screen shot.

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We have a histogram. In the histogram notice the colors.

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We have light green and dark green. Red and dark red.

Tutorial Video

Notice some spots in which there are bars above the zero line but we have down binary options macd indicator. These are with dark green color.

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It means that we have a down move but the momentum is still bullish and there is still bullish activity. The best signals is when the MACD makes bars clearly above or below the zero line. You can use both the histogram and the EMAs to have a better picture what going on.

Each of them has its time and place. Moving Average Convergence Divergence is a trend-following indicator that is used to spot an emerging trend, whether upward or downward.

Another way to use this indicator is the divergence as I said before in my article about divergences. Many traders think that MACD is the holly grail.

It repaints badly in most cases and as I said before it creates many signals. Some of them are goodsome not.

Buy & Sell Signals

Filter the bad signals with price action and volume analysis. MACD is just a good confirmation. Kind Regards.