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Supply and demand zones for binary options

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News anchors, columnists and even many text books tell you not to do it. I agree and disagree.

Forex Trader’s Guide to Supply and Demand Trading

That will likely lose you a lot money. What I propose is a strategy for picking tops and bottoms where the market provides us with evidence that a turn is occurring. Trying to pick the exact top or bottom is what gets people in trouble because at the exact top or bottom there is no supporting evidence from the price that a turn is about to come. Therefore, I want to get into trades very close to a top or bottom, but not right at it.

This is accomplished through gathering evidence of where the price may potentially top or bottom—such as at supply or demand levels—and then waiting for the price to confirm my suspicions.

Supply Zone

The Evidence To pick a top or bottom there are only two things I need to do: Locate in advance supply for a top and demand for a bottom levels, and mark them on the chart. Wait for the price to form a small consolidation near a supply or demand zone, and then to break out of that consolidation.

Alex August 28, at pm Are you one of those traders that got lured into the Forex game by seeing some sort of advertisement about how some guy got rich overnight trading with a system he developed or bought, with little to no experience about the markets? You probably then went on to Google and searched for more info. All you were seeing is people giving away the ultimate way to achieve these ridiculous amounts of money.

If this occurs at a supply level, the breakout and trade should be to the downside short sale or put. If this occurs at demand, the breakout and trade be to the upside long trade or call This strategy can be used in a ranging market, but generally I like to use it in trends.

supply and demand zones for binary options

Trends are typically easier to trade since I will only take the trades that are in alignment with the overall trend. Therefore, in an uptrend, I am looking for bottoms to go long at callsand in a downtrend I am looking for tops to short at puts.

First the uptrend. We find an asset in an uptrend, and then isolate supply and demand zones.

supply and demand zones for binary options

These are basically strong resistance and support levels for more on supply and demand zones see: Supply and Demand — Key Technical Trading Level. You can also draw a trendline along the trend, although I find trendlines are less reliable than the supply and demand zones. The chart below shows an uptrend, which extends much further back than the chart shows.

Therefore, I am looking to go long buy calls at bottoms in the uptrend.

Figure 1 shows the first step where I put some supply and demand zones on the chart, based on prior price action. Figure 1.

Live trading on IQ options Using supply and demand only.

This is typical in a strong trend, and provides evidence that we are trading in the right direction by going long. The next step is how we get into a trade though. As the price approaches a demand zone we want the price to consolidate.

Then we are simply supply and demand zones for binary options for the breakout back in the trending direction.

At the most basic level, price moves due to supply and demand imbalances in the market at any given time. Once you are able to grasp this concept, you can view trading from a logical lens. We will learn how to identify supply and demands levels and how to apply the levels within a comprehensive trading strategy. Download the short printable PDF version summarizing the key points of this lesson…. Click Here to Download Supply and Demand in Trading The supply and demand concept is a core component of economic theory.

When that breakout occurs, enter long buy calls. Figure 2.

How I Pick Price Tops and Bottoms

But it is about as close as we can get while still having evidence to support the trade. For a downtrend we look to establish supply zones, and then as the price approaches it we want a consolidation to form.

supply and demand zones for binary options

Mark the consolidation and if the price breaks below the consolidation enter short buy puts. Figure 3.

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Silver Top Picked Silver had a strong downtrend at this time, so I was looking for short buy put trades. I established the supply zone in advance, as the price pushed toward it I marked the consolidation and when it was broken to the downside I went short. The Final Word Establish some supply and demand zones, then wait for the price to move in the anticipated direction before taking a trade.

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