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Calendar spreads.

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Different types of options strategies produce different results. It's important to start with the simple options and work your way into the more difficult strategies.

An Alphabet Options Strategy: From A to Z

What is an option? An option gives you the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a stock at a set price within a specified time frame. One options contract controls shares of a stock.

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In other words, you can make the premium of buying or selling shares without owning shares of a stock. As a result, options can be cheaper than stocks. Basics: Types of Options However, the moving parts in stock options mean the potential for profit and loss is much higher. You need to study what makes up an option and how it all works. That can make or break you as an options trader.

A - Z List of Trading Strategies

That's why options seem overwhelming options from a to z first. However, once you get the hang of them, the different types of options allow you to make a nice profit without breaking the bank. It's important to learn how to trade different types of options on earning quick ideas own instead of following a trading service in and out of trades. You need to be in control of your stock market trading destiny.

What Are the Two Types of Options? What are the two types of options?

Options A to Z Training Course

All options strategies are made up of either a call, put, or combination of both. Call options mean that you are long the stock. Put options mean that you are short the security. You can either be an options buyer or an options seller. Calls and puts are the basic types of options.

Types of Options: An A to Z Guide

It's important to learn the basics before jumping into the deep end. Since options have different moving parts, learning how calls and puts work is imperative.

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In fact, there are different ways to trade calls and puts by themselves. In other words, not only can you buy them but you can sell them.

As a result, selling naked options is safer than buying. Time is a huge factor in the different types of options trading. That's why you either need to be pretty accurate on direction, or sell to take advantage of time decay.

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Calls take the bullish side of a trade. Puts take the bearish side.

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Puts are a great substitute for shorting. Most brokers allow options trading whereas not all brokers allow shorting. If this sounds confusing don't worry.

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You can learn stock training by taking our options trading course. Spreads Spreads are the types of options that make the foundation of many options strategies.

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In fact, spreads limit risk. However, they limit profit as well. Although, that's not necessarily a bad thing.