How Facebook Makes Money: Advertising, Payments, and Other Fees

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Prior to that, he was the 12th-grade world literature and AP literature teacher at Mastery Charter School Shoemaker Campus for the last eight years, teaching the school's first eight graduating classes.

All 50 states mandate public education in their state constitutions. Once states made public education compulsory, they became responsible under the 14th Amendment to ensure equitable access to said education.

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This means that no public school in the land can exclude students based upon race, religion, ethnicity, gender, creed or ability. While of course these protections have and continue to be fought for and re-established, the foundational legal principle is there. If a student has a learning disability, the school is legally obligated to meet the needs of the child.

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If a student cannot walk up the stairs of the school, the school is legally obligated to build a ramp.

If a student cannot afford food, schools are legally obligated to provide free or reduced-cost meals. In order to access resources, classrooms, updates, and basically any type of communication or instructional learning, access to the internet is absolutely essential.

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In addition to these platforms, many districts are implementing real-time, synchronous classrooms via video platforms like Zoom. These are all extraordinary pivots and exercises in resourcefulness and flexibility.

Broadband in red and blue states: Three solutions to low-income internet access

Much of it, frankly, is absolutely amazing. For a student to learn using any of these platforms, they need an internet connection.

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Inequitable access to the internet is not new, but its impact on student learning has never been more visible. These inequities are magnified across the country as nearly 12 million students, more than one in five of all students in the country, lack home internet access. This means that one out of five students literally cannot go to school. Comcast has also made hotspots available to everybody, although these are usually located outside and in businesses, which are now off-limits.

It is such a common condition of modern life that roughly six-in-ten U. Data-driven products and services are often marketed with the potential to save users time and money or even lead to better health and well-being. Still, large shares of U. Most also feel they have little or no control over how these entities use their personal information, according to a new survey of U.

These are generous offerings. A wheelchair-bound student is not forced specifically to pay more in taxes to pay for the ramp that will provide her access to her school.

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  • FB primarily makes money by selling advertising space on its various social media platforms.
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A student who does not have internet access at home should not have to pay to access their schoolwork. For at least the duration of this school year, Comcast and all other internet providers need to make internet access absolutely free for all low-income families.

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  • How Facebook Makes Money: Advertising, Payments, and Other Fees
  • About sharing image copyrightGetty Images This week the British papers revelled in news about how much the BBC's on-air stars get paid, though the salaries of their counterparts in commercial TV remain under wraps.
  • Broadband in red and blue states: Three solutions to low-income internet access

There is policy to support this already in the works and I information about income on the Internet is posted encourage everybody to join the Future Ready campaign.