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There is an additional problem that can significantly impact the performances of binary option products, which is that the developers of automated tools normally optimize the trading activities of their devices to specific marketing conditions.

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Their software can then generate outstanding operational results, which are subsequently presented to you within promotional material. However, trading conditions can drastically evolve very quickly.

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However, a critical change occurred in July when US recessionary worries and European debt contagion started to trigger escalating levels of anxiety and uncertainness which subsequently became the new drivers. One of the key ramifications of this new development was that most trading tools and strategies, that had been optimized to perform best with the original drivers, started to crash under these new trading conditions.

You can confirm this outcome by visiting websites, such as the Forex Peace Army. In so doing, you reviews about swiss guard binary options readily validate that the performances of the majority of reviewed expert advisors severely deteriorated following July You will observe that as the month of August advanced, the quantity of losses increased significantly.

As this tool was optimize to trade under more standard market conditions, its performance deteriorated when confounded by the new price formations primarily created by market dread and anxiety.

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However, you can unquestionably acquire such an impression if you were to trust the many adverts promoting products for this market. So that you can safeguard yourself from the many scams that are prevalent these days, you need to learn how to evaluate this promotional literature proficiently by applying an expert analysis.

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For example, many entrepreneurs boast about just how well their automated products perform because their key design principles are structured on a renowned formula or theory. However, before you are entirely taken in by this rubbish, reviews about swiss guard binary options is something that you should appreciate about binary options trading which is wellknown and valued by all professional traders.

That is this kind of investment mechanism is performed in real-time and at high speed.

Price can generate the most intricate waveforms during these periods, which are hard to predict and consequently challenging to trade effectively. This feature implies that unless a strategy can proficiently cope with the above complexities, then it will only create average results at best when it is applied to binary options trading. Failed cases are the martingale technique, which is rooted in casino gambling, and the bell-shaped curve, which was built to evaluate distributions.

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Let us now review the former as a method to demonstrate why attempting to adapt such methods to binary options trading is the same as trying to insert a square peg into a round hole.

The Martingale method recommends that the size of future bets should be constantly doubled following each loss.

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This trading approach was initially developed in 18th century France and was based on the theorem that you cannot lose all the time. When this gambling technique was initially deployed in casinos, its advocators would continuously double their table bets every time they lost based on the supposition that they would eventually win.

Consequently, after their products have selected a preferred a trading direction, either long or short, then they will constantly trade in that path only. Whenever a loss is experienced, the Martingale strategy demands that the following lot size of the next trade must be doubled on the basis that a win will ultimately happen.

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The above figure displays a series of trades taken from a larger collection of results. They were generated by a binary option trading strategy applying a seventier Martingale concept.

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This feature implied that the bet size of each loss would be continuously doubled until a seventh consecutive loss was recorded.

At that stage, a loss would be registered. However, this statistic does not apply to binary options trading because of the complex price formations that can be produced in real-time.

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The trading results of software tools utilizing the Martingale concepts have been mainly very disappointing. The reason for this is as follows. A Martingale system can be very effective when deployed to play a game such as roulette.

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This is because the chance of correctly picking red or black is practically ignoring the house slots. However, the financial market is a completely different entity despite the fact that superficially price can only move upwards or downwards.

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As the number of paths that price can move to over a specific period of time is practically infinite, this means that it is statistically quite capable of producing trading patterns that can regularly activate 7-tier losses, which is a premier feature of the above Martingale strategy.

In addition, any martingale strategy based on such a risk profile requires its user to deposit a substantially large financial reserve in order to support it.