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Additional References Prerequisites for Configuration You must be in a user group associated with a task group that includes the proper task IDs. The command reference guides include the task IDs required for each command.

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If you suspect user group assignment is preventing you from using a command, contact your AAA administrator for assistance. In this system, the satellite switches act under the management control of the routers.

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The complete configuration and management of the satellite chassis and features is performed through the control plane and management plane of the Cisco ASR Series Router, which is referred to as the host. In general, the type of interface used on the host is decided on the basis of the satellite device used as shown in the figure.

Figure 1.

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This type of architecture can be realized in a carrier Ethernet transport network, with the satellite switches used as either access switches, or pre-aggregation and aggregation switches. The network topology depicted in the figure is called the Hub and Spoke network topology.

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Further, it can also be used in other networks, such as wireless or Radio Access Network RAN backhaul aggregation networks. In other configurations, even higher port density can be achieved.

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As a result, in order binary options 1500 tenge utilize the full capacity of an Cisco ASR Series line card, it is necessary to physically separate out the ethernet ports, while maintaining logical management control. Reduced operating expense - You can upgrade software images, and also manage the chassis and services from a common point.

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This includes a single logical router view, single point of applying CLI or XML interface for the entire system of switches, a single point of monitoring the entire system of switches and a single point of earnings principle in options management and software upgrades for the entire system.

The typical application of a satellite system would be in the access and aggregation layers of a network.

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By integrating the access switches along with the aggregation or core switch, you can ensure that there are no feature gaps between the access switch and the aggregation or core switch. All features, such as carrier ethernet features, QoS and OAM, function consistently, from access to core, because of this integrated approach.


Better resiliency - The nV satellite solution enables better multi-chassis resiliency, as well as better end-to-end QoS. Table 2.