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Conclusion Introduction Trend following strategies are very popular on the Forex market. The idea is to determine a strong unidirectional movement, to find good entry points and — what is also very important — to properly determine the exit point.

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For the purposes outlined in this article, I selected some technical tools that directly or indirectly determine the trend. Based on these tools, 10 trading strategies were implemented in the form of Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 5.

Based on the results of these Expert Advisors, I analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of each trading strategy and compared their performance.

The purpose of the article is to provide the reader with the fullest possible information about the strong and weak points of trend following trading.

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Some other trend following strategies are also described in the article Several ways of finding a trend in MQL5. Defining the task when creating a trend following strategy At first glance, it may seem that developing a trend following strategy is not a difficult task. You only need to determine trend using technical analysis, open a position and wait for further movement while increasing the position how to make money on the exmo exchange possible.

In theory, this approach cannot be argued.

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However, some important questions arise in practice. Task 1. Identifying the presence of a trend.

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Typically, trend definition and confirmation take indicators for binary options wave trend oscillator. Therefore, there is no ideal and maximum reliable entry at the very beginning of the trend. See Fig.

It is impossible to determine entry as a point on the chart. We only see a favorable area for entering the market. Defining the area is explained by the fact, that signals can be delayed during analysis, while time is required in order to confirm the trend. An example is a trading system, in which one indicator signals a trend, and the other one either confirms it or not after some time.

This approach takes time.

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While time is money. In our case time means missed profit.

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Task 2. The targets of an open position. We have determined the trend and confirmed it.

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Now we need to enter the market. However, before doing so, we need to define the profit target. We can set the profit target in points or use a dynamic one depending on the trend strength forecast.

Here, the support and resistance levels can be used.

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However, the idea is to clearly know when to exit, before you enter the market. The next task is closely connected with the current one.

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Task 3. Determining the end of trend.

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Again, we refer to Figure 1. It shows the following situation: we enter the market in the green area, and then trend continues till the flat area. That's where we need to determine whether this is a temporary state or we need to exit.

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In this case, the flat period was short, and the trend continued. Note, that in strategies with fixed profit targets, the duration and size of the movement is predicted based on an estimation of a confirmed trend as per Task 2. In this review of trend strategies, I decided not to use too large and too small timeframes, because too many false signals can be generated on lower timeframes, while on larger ones there would be very few market entries, which might be not enough for an objective analysis of the efficiency of strategies.

Therefore, timeframes between M30 and H4 will be used during testing.