Bangladesh Customs, National Board of Revenue (NBR)

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The original purcha er have enjoyed the ati faction of eeing their prop rty increa e in value, and each extrapolation along the trend line prove the wi -dom of their investment.

Davis Pro :erties, Fla. Distributed exclusively through R. P'SoTida, pendiD:c e ntry at tlo. Scores of lakes of unexcelled beauty nestling among picturesque hills.

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The opportunity aiso of securing a small grove, or a homes te with producing trees which have been cultivated for years in the most scientific make money on the internet crbns as a part of highly successful estates, is an exceptional one indeed.

Such is the opportunity offered in ake Alfred today. The broad xperience of the founders of Lake Alfred, the dignity of their plans, and the wholesome restrictions placed upon its future development will forever safeguard those who select it as their future residence. PAGE 7 orJ a ou and we If motoring, stop at Camp Munson, our automobile tourist camp which our guests te11 us is one of the finest and best equipped i n the entire South. Our school facilities are of the best, with institutions of higher education only a few miles away.

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Enjoy its wonderful palms, its beautiful flowers, mild and equable climate sea breezes surf bathing, and other charms that have made this city the greatest resort in America. Here are miles of smooth highways among orange, grapefruit and avocado groves vegetable farms, beautiful estates, vast Everglades virgin hammocks or along the ocean beach or bay shore Miami is not only a playground, it is a recreation and rest spot supreme.

The mild climate, the abundant sunshine, and the balmy sea breezes carry healing-physical and mental.

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Surf bathing on a wonderful beach every day in the year winter temperature 72 degrees. Name your sport-you'll find it here-golf, dog racing, horse make money on the internet crbns, fishing and scores of other fascinating sports. Here the woodman's ax has not marred the virgin pine fore I.

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Here the parklike hore of parkling lakes are un poilt by buildino. The owner, with an efficient organiz tion live on the prop erty ready with a helping hand and practical cooperation for the h me builder or developer of income prodncing fSI'ove, vin yard or farm.

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The lover of outdoor port will here find within easy reach a fine golf course, the Lake Cour. The near-by lake afford ample test of the angler' skill. Splendid hunting is found in the surrounding woods and glade There i much to in terest the investor of l a rge or modest means at He You are invited to inve tig te, and be my guest while so u'r office at o pe ialize in rid e lrn t Jar e ancf mall.

Ca h i u on Florida' big det lopm nt rt'ith the right kind nf Florida onn ction You are invited to inve stigate and be our gues t while so doing Wm. Lake Marian can supply these.

Indianapolis News,Indianapolis, Marion County, 9 September 1901 — Page 4

Business or Professional Man why not invest in our I 0-or acre orange, grapefruit, avocado or banana groves? You can have them scientifically cared for, fertilized and culti vated by experts until you are ready to come to Florida to live.

Pre-shipment Rupee Export Credit 2. Post-shipment Rupee Export Credit 3. Pre-shipment Export Credit in Foreign Currency 6. Post-shipment Export Credit in Foreign Currency 7.

This will increase your estate and add to your income. Farmer or Homeseeker Happy Helpere Are you not interested in some of the many opportumttes tn this truly beautiful country?

The growing of citrus fruits, bananas, avocado pears and berries can be successfully carried on while you engage in dairying, raising poultry or early market vegetables-with ready markets at high prices-how can you fail?

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We have miles of velvet highways. Fine schools, colleges, churches and public buildings and a year round climate unsurpassed; health and happiness is more assured here.

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A townsite has been plotted with business section, parks, boulevards, athletic field, and many wide streets and avenues are provided for. This land has never been offered for sale in a retail way. You can buy now at low prices and easy terms.

  1. Но это настроение проходило и наступали длительные периоды, во время которых он как будто полностью терял интерес к тому, что в его возрасте должно было быть основным занятием.
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  3. Его интересовало, читают ли они мысли советников, но по зрелом размышлении он решил, что вряд ли бы они рискнули нарушить торжественное обещание, без которого эта встреча оказалась бы просто немыслимой.
  4. Bangladesh Customs, National Board of Revenue (NBR)
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