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    They pay far below the average scale of most companies in this field. Benefits are a joke, the health insurance is expensive and is out of state which makes finding providers and getting coverage where most of best dealing centers reviews employees are difficult.

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    The only feedback from management is more often then not negative. Nasty emails come out from the top members of management.

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    Positive feedback from patients is never shared with employees however negative feedback from guests is both shared and consequences handed out to the staff regardless if there is any factuality behind the guest's feedback. Caring for guests apparently only applies to the guests who are coming in.

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    Admissions schedules so many admissions at one time that the staff are wrapped up all day caring for the incoming guests and the current guests are left to fend for themselves with a skeleton crew and an unavailable nurse who is wrapped up dealing with intakes and isn't able to follow up with the guests currently in house.

    When suggestions are made to help balance the workflow to accommodate both incoming and current guests they are ignored. The company asks for suggestions and offers a monetary reward however when they are offered you are told that the suggestion is not feasible and then a month later you see your suggestion implemented in the facility and you don't get any acknowledgment.

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    Direct care staff are treated like tissue, used and discarded just as easily.