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Ways to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Strategy 3: Try Your Hand at Consulting One of the most common and potentially lucrative ways to build off your business and develop additional learning to trade on binars streams?

No matter which industry, area or niche you specialize in, look for opportunities to offer consulting services to both individuals and other businesses.

If you create multiple streams of income, however, you are not only crafting a safer business plan but you are allowing yourself to capitalize on your own talents and interests while building a more lucrative brand. To support your business, you need to be strategic and intentional about how you plan to generate profit. Product Streams of Income The products that you choose to fund your business can be a tangible item like a pair of mittens on Etsy or an actual product your business produces or it can be intangible, such as: One-time digital downloads how-to guides, self-help book, novel, etc. Videos Music Audio Look for ways to turn a tangible item into an intangible item, and vice versa. For example, if you publish an eBook, look into not only transforming it into a PDF version of the copy but also a paperback, a hardcover and an audio book to broaden your revenue streams.

You could consult with job seekers on their resume design and interviewing skills and consult with businesses to help them develop a plan for rehiring employees who were laid off due to the coronavirus. You could consult with other restaurants in the area to help them develop a delivery and takeout plan to keep their businesses up and running while their doors are shuttered.

5 Ways to Diversify Your Income and Make More Money as an Artist

The point is, as a business owner, you have the expertise necessary to consult in your industry—so use that expertise to diversify your income. Maybe you work with a specific kind of client or on a specific type of project.

And the only way to fill in the gap—and keep food on the table—is to figure out how to make extra money as fast as possible. So when it comes to taking care of your Four Walls food, utilities, shelter and transportationfinding ways to increase your money and savings quickly can go a long way. Ready to get to work?

Take Patrick Icasasfor example. Icasas runs his own freelance writing and content marketing business.

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And while writing is the primary focus of his business, he realized that diversifying his income might mean thinking outside of the box and exploring options outside the writing world. Today, Icasas has multiple streams of income outside of his writing business, including a day job in customer success and running a strategic agency that works with early-stage start-ups.

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You might be a wedding photographer or own a branding agency or run a local coffee shop. If your area of specialty is being hit hard by the coronavirus, you can find ways to diversify your income within your industry. You just have to get creative, think outside of the box and look for new and unexpected ways to drive income.

If your branding agency is seeing a slowdown with clients, you can start selling logos and other brand designs on digital marketplaces like 99designs. There are multiple revenue opportunities within every industry—and if you want to diversify your income, you need to get creative and find or make!

How I Earn 7 Multiple Streams of Income

Strategy 6: Turn to Social Media Have how to organize your additional source of income built a large social media following, either for yourself or for your business? If so, social media could offer a variety of opportunities to diversify your income. There are a ton of different ways to monetize your social media presence—and the more followers, the more income potential.

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Some of the ways you can monetize a large social media following include: Brand partnerships. Brands partner with social media influencers as a way to get their products in front of potential customers—and often pay well to do so.

7 Strategies For Diversifying Your Income

Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about promoting other services and products. The more purchases you drive, the more you make in commissions. Ad revenue.

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If you have a YouTube channel, you can monetize your videos with ads. Paid content. Creating paid content for social media is another opportunity to monetize your platform of choice.

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For example, you might start a Facebook group where you share premium content—and charge followers a subscription fee to gain access. Strategy 7: Look for Ways to Offer Value for Free It might sound counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to drive additional revenue for your business is to offer value for free. But it does accomplish a number of other goals that can help drive more sales and cash into your business.

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