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Ian, do you still think there is value to be found in the Australian market at the moment? Ian Huntley: It all depends which span you've got.

I think some funds last two minutes within any holding and I tend to think 10 or 20 years.

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Yes, there is value, but you may well find pockets of values. It's, obviously, by definition nowhere near as cheap and there were some of those wonderful cheap moments over the last three years, like the middle of was exceptionally cheap and the middle of and Marchthose types.

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It's not as cheap as then, but we're also in a better economic climate and it's not particularly unreasonable to believe the next three to five years might be pretty good - a lot of companies will do well. Grove: Ian, you also expressed a bit of affection for the Australian healthcare companies, the Ramsays, the Primary Health Cares and Sonic.

Treasury Wine Estates: Why Morgan Stanley turned bullish on the stock Treasury Wine Estates: Why Morgan Stanley turned bullish on the stock We examine some of Treasury's recent business developments and why one top investment bank recently turned bullish on the iconic winemaker and distributor. Mind you, while earnings are expected to lag in FY20, the iconic Australian winemaker and distributor has seen some positive trends emerge in recent times. For one, in China, consumption and depletions have both trended up from their February-March lows; in the US, retail sales have seen impressive value and volume growth since March; and in Australia, retail channel performance remains strong, though the firm's luxury wine segment has struggled, relative to FY Further, there is scope for near term disruption to 'brand Australia' for the Chinese consumer and on this basis we may be early. Want to trade equities: long or short?

What's behind your affection for these companies? Huntley: It's not an outstanding value proposition, but simply a business proposition. I think that healthcare with an ageing population is an excellent place to be. Those three companies are very well run - two of them are expanding offshore and look to be expanding offshore very well.

So I think sitting there and holding them for quite a few years, I think it will go very well.


Secondly, for me, I am simply starting to buy them. In terms of the Your Money Weekly portfolio, if we get a bear market next year or the year after for some particular reason, like the tapering issue or some other issue, well, now I'll just be able to buy more.

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Why do you think those should be hung on to? Huntley: There is a diversity of reasons. I think they've both got good prospects, but whether they come to anything is another thing.

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  • Treasury, TWE, has an annual production of nearly 40 million cases of wine that is sold in more than 70 countries around the world.
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Also, it's currently useful just to keep them there as reminders that there are speculatives that have gone down, and particularly Dart, not so much OZ. OZ has made some capital returns over the last few years as well.

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Grove: Ian, what's going to be the most important thing that investors should keep front of mind as we head into ? Huntley: Making money and keeping it.

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  3. House Style is a philosophy the winemaking team have upheld since founder Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold first planted grapes at Magill in