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I was advocating Python over Matlab to a co-worker just minutes ago.

Equity Trading with MATLAB and FactSet

I should start by saying that Matlab is a fine piece of software - its documentation is amazing, as are the pdfs that accompany the various toolboxes as I'm sure you know. However, regarding Python, Brian B brings up many good matlab trading.

matlab trading

Two big advantages I would like to emphasize: I know that I will be able to develop Python anywhere I might work in the future including at home over the weekends. In other words, learning the language is time well spent.

matlab trading

Learn once, and benefit for years. I acknowledge that a very large portion of quant research is simple, unglamorous data manipulations - Python serves as a strong glue language like Perl, but with much stronger numerical libraries. I can set cron jobs for Python scripts that load data, send me emails, etc.

matlab trading

I'm sure there are those who do this in Matlab just like there are those that do all sorts of crazy matlab trading in VBAbut Python is a far better tool for these jobs. If you are purely research, then you can probably get by with only Matlab, but I find it somewhat restrictive and, perhaps, somewhat risky in terms of availability.

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