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Satoshi how to get a good ending.

Going back to Naomi, she searches for Seiko to apologize to her for shouting. Once she reaches the girls lavatory, she finds Seiko hanging from a noose in one of the stalls.

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Desperate to save her life, Naomi grabs the filthy bucket laying outside of the bathroom to elevate Seiko. Before she is able to do so, Seiko dies from lack of oxygen, leaving Naomi to tears and pain from losing her best friend. Requirements: Do not enter classroom 3-A requires the unknown key to be unlocked nor read the newspaper inside.

Play through the game normally afterward. The last thing Naomi sees is a face from the mist, smiling at her. Requirements: Allow the black mist to grab Naomi until her health depletes to zero.

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Chapter 2 Chapter 2 endings. Ayumi hands over the cursed doll to the spirits and they begin to cry. Believing they have been appeased, Ayumi asks them to hand over Mayu and go to heaven. Unfortunately, the appeasement backfires and the two spirits exit the room, taking Mayu with them.

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The next thing Yoshiki and Ayumi hear is Mayu's scream, followed by a loud slam. Ayumi throws the doll away and the two follow the sound, only to find a wall splattered with Mayu's pulverized corpse.

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Yoshiki pleads Ayumi to avoid looking but she screams and flees from the scene. Yoshiki, about to follow her, is abruptly struck by Yoshikazu Yanagihori with a sledgehammer and dragged away while unconscious. The chapter ends by showing a vengeful spirit with Yui Shishidolaying beneath the shelf filled with sharp objects, alive but badly wounded with a broken right arm.

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  2. The painfully gradual mental decay of Mima Kirigoe establishes an eerie vibe that's present from start to finish, with genius transitions that make us question what's real and what isn't.
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She releases herself from the shelf and demands the spirit to tell her about the new students that are trapped in the school. From the answer the spirit gives, Yui believes those students are her's and decides to head back to check up on Ayumi and Yoshiki. As the screen darkens, Yui, speaking to herself, believes that the spirits are not the only ones trapped within the school walls, but their pain and hatred as well.

Due to this belief, Yui believes her students and herself are not supposed to be in such a world. She wants to help them escape and hopes that they are safe. After waking up, he attempts, but fails, to recognize his surroundings. Despite his cry for help, no one answers. He then tries to move, but is unable to do so and believes that he is in a hole. Suddenly, dirt and gravel is poured onto him and he demands the person to stop.

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Despite his plea, dirt is continuously poured onto him until he suffocates to death. Requirements: Face the boy spirit in classroom 4-A or let him catch Yoshiki when he chases you.

Yoshiki leaves her and heads to classroom 4-A, pulling the lever that raises a bridge to the right side of the main satoshi how to get a good ending. During the occurrence, Ayumi, unpossessed, is found in the west hall. As she walks to the center while calling to Yoshiki, a piano wire cuts her in pieces. Returning to Yoshiki, he finds Ayumi's lifeless body on the ground, sliced from the torso.

Blockchaingame satoshi

Yoshiki screams in horror and questions why this is happening. As he stares at the corpse, the lever automatically flips itself, sending another wire to the center of the Main Hallway and slicing him in half.

Requirements: When Ayumi is possessed, don't follow her or bring her back to your party. Use the nail puller on the door in classroom 1-A. Activate both pulleys. Yoshiki tries to calm Ayumi but is unable to do so, and heads to the staircase, telling himself that he shouldn't leave Ayumi in her current condition but doesn't know what must be done.

He then remembers a flashback when he first met Ayumi Shinozaki in Kisaragi Academy.

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The flashback starts when he is scolded by Mikio Tsubotathe gym teacher, for smoking. He insults Yoshiki and tells him that he shouldn't be in school if he's continues to be a delinquent.

The player learns that Yoshiki is disowned by his parents and he starts to think that he should drop out of school by assaulting Mikio. Before Yoshiki does so, Ayumi intervenes and tells the gym teacher that the student body vice president is looking for him.

After he leaves, Ayumi scolds Yoshiki to stay in school and graduate. After the flashback, he decides to go back to Ayumi but, before he is able return, Ayumi stands in front of Yoshiki and questions why he left. After that, Ayumi pushes Yoshiki down the stairs and breaks his ribs, which pierce his lungs and broken neck. As he dies, he sees Ayumi smiling as if she is admiring her "work. After Ayumi becomes possessed outside the girls' lavatory, exit to the staircase. As Yoshiki turns around, he spits out a piece of a body part and starts to get the idea of the part's owner.

Angered from seeing Ayumi's body, Yoshiki asks Ayumi who killed her. As Yoshiki searches around, he finds a note near Ayumi's body and applies that the one who killed her is Yoshiki.

Emotionally broken, Yoshiki is, once again, possessed and continues to cannibalize Ayumi while moaning in sorrow. Requirements: Read all five pieces of the victim's memoir in order. They will appear in this order: Near the corpse outside classroom 4-A. South of main building entranceway. Hidden room behind classroom 1-A. Main Building 3F - East Hall.

Plot[ edit ] Manga artist Chikara Nagai is in the process of ending his current serial, Resonance, by having the heroine, investigator and telepath Satoko Miura, fight the brainwashing cult leader of the "Nameless Faith", the Masque, and having the esper Lin sacrifice himself to defeat the Masque.

Main Building 2F - West Hall. Chapter 3 Chapter 3 endings. Unable to open the satoshi how to get a good ending door because it is locked, he is confronted by Naho Saenoki.

During their conversation, she tells Satoshi the possibilities of how the students were sent to the school.

Demanding Naho to stop, she then asks Satoshi if he still has his piece of the paper doll and tells him to keep it "like a memento. Naho commentates Satoshi's quest and sends him to a different closed space to let him "save the one who's occupying his thoughts," but laughs at the belief that he "probably won't make it in time.

The siblings head to west hall and encounters the boy spirit. Satoshi accidentally stares at the boy and, unwillingly, walks toward him. Under the ghost's control, Satoshi falls in a giant gap and, within a few seconds before his vision blurs from the fall, he sees his sister falling towards him, killing the two siblings.

At some point, Ayumi Shinozakithe class representative, began to tell ghost stories about Heavenly Host Elementary School, scaring him to no end. After a short while, Yui Shishidotheir teacher, told them all to go home and finish cleaning the next day, but Ayumi chose to instead perform a charm first to cheer up their classmate, Mayu Suzumotowho was transferring. Satoshi, along with all the classmates in the room, including Yui and his little sister, Yuka, who had come to deliver his umbrella, participated in the ritual.

Requirements: Do not accept the scented beads from Yuka. About to climb over the fence, Yuka is confronted by Yuki Kanno with an eye that looks soup-like and she grabs her. Afterwards Yuka, under the belief that she is in her bedroom, hears a pair of scissors snipping loudly.

Option pricing formula she regains her consciousness, the same girl spirit is seen in front of her, demanding Yuka to return the ghost's eye.

Shortly after, the girl put option in the money a pair of scissors and stabs Yuka's left eye.

Unable to release the scissor out of her eye due to the excruciating pain, Yuka dies of blood loss. Requirements: Get caught by the girl spirit. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself in a corner of a narrow red room but he is unable to move his body.

It is as if "his mind were disconnected from his body. After screaming in pain, his last sense of self is destroyed, forcing him into a lobotomized state. They will appear in this order: Near outside of classroom 2-A.

South of the main building at the entranceway. Boys' lavatory. In the second wing, bottom of the stairwell. Staff room. Chapter 4 endings. Yoshiki goes to the hallway to check the building but is abruptly interrupted when he hears Ayumi screaming. Examining what she is screaming over, he finds a giant abyss of tormented spirits within the corner of the room. Believing that the horror is yet to end, one of the appeased spirits, named Yuki, appears before them.

The students satoshi how to get a good ending the ghost start their conversation on appeasement.

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Yoshiki, feeling confused and angry, asks Yuki why is she and the other two spirits are trapping innocent lives in the school. Yuki explains to them that isn't true and that they are "just cogs that hold the closed spaces together.

Ayumi adds that her sister once said spirits who died violently become vengeful because their kind nature and hatred and panic "begin to spin around and around" until it becomes out of their control. After Yoshiki gains a better understanding, Ayumi demands the ghost to bring her friends back. Although Yuki wishes to, she cannot, for the school has eaten far too many souls, leaving the hatred and torment of the victims within the school and adds that she will revert back to a vengeful spirit once more.

Although Yuki is unable to bring the students' friends back, Yuki tells them the way to get back home but they need to return to the closed spaces and put the Heavenly Host Elementary School victims to rest in order for satoshi how to get a good ending closed spaces to fall apart and rescue their friends.

After the instructions are told, Ayumi asks why the previous appeasement failed. Yuki explains it by showing her the truth behind the Heavenly Host kidnap and murder case. Yuki grabs hold of Ayumi and she suddenly screams from the horror of the case.

Within the memory, Ayumi is tied by both the hands and feet and blindfolded, along with three other elementary school students.

As Ayumi learns the truth, Satoshi and Naomi are found in the custodian's closet and read the notes and watches a video left out by a victim named Kou Kibiki.

The notes are based on the kidnap and murder case of the elementary school. Returning to Ayumi, continuing in Yuki's memory, Ayumi hears the screams of pain from two children who died in the school.

After the children's demise, her blindfold is removed by the killer, only to find the killer is one of the children. Smiling with a pair of scissors in hand, the child proceeds to stab Ayumi. Unable to move, she is covered by darkness until "the world vanishes into nothingness. Ayumi begs it stop but as she continues to look, the face becomes distorted but slowly becomes clearer.

Ayumi recognizes the face and begs for help before she dies. Requirements: Stare at the boy spirit in the infirmary or confront one of the girl spirits or fail to hand over the correct tongue bag. Deciding to talk to her, they introduce each other and the girl's name is Tohko Kirisaki. Satoshi asks Tohko how she reached the school.

Satoshi finds out that the girl and her companions also performed the Sachiko Ever After charm that they found on the internet. Satoshi tells her that the same has happened to him and his friends as well.

Tohko says that Yuuya Kizamione of her companions, pushed a friend down a set of stairs and began playing with the body with a smile on his face, causing Tohko indicators in binary options flee. After the conversation, she turns insane and begins to lose her trust of others. Demanding him to leave, Satoshi exits the infirmary and heads to classroom 5-A.

He finds an object is jumping from one side of the room to the other.