A Little of My Email Marketing History

How to make money on the Internet on the newsletter, How to Start and Make Money an Online Newsletter

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The startup provides tools for writers to write, distribute, build community and monetize newsletters. The Business Model Warren Buffet loved newspapers.

How to Make Money with Email Newsletters

They were predictable and profitable. But now they suck. In their place, newsletters have stepped in, with all the upside low-cost, direct-to-consumer benefits, with an opportunity to exploit many profitable niches and little of the downside.

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There are two primary business models in the newsletter business: ad-supported and subscription-based see sample spreadsheet models here. The content business provides one free weekly report and three additional pay-walled reports a week.

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You can change Stratechery subscriber assumptions here 3. Estimate your number of paying subscribers, based on the size of your free list. Paying subscribers get access to curated Spotify playlists.

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Better Engagement Than Social Media In addition to the wide and still growing adoption of email, the channel has better engagement than the largest social networks: vs.

Because email is an open standard, when you build an audience via email newsletters, you directly own the relationship with the reader and are not at the whim of an algorithm change.

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While these ad prices have fallen during the pandemic, Facebook and Google ads regularly outpace inflation. Relying on them in the long-term is an expensive game.

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Build A Community The direct relationship with the end reader is also the perfect jumping point for building a broader community of like-minded people. It may also compete with continued education, social clubs, corporate networking.

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Certain newsletters may improve or outright replace certain social or professional functions. Example: some of the best newsletters are communities.