He who works all day, has no time to make money

Those who work have no time to earn money. Have Money But No Time, Or Have Time But No Money: What's Your Preference?


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    Share9 85 Shares Rebecca not her real name has been working at the same company for 23 years, since she was She started out doing factory work, and then, after she earned her accounting degree, she began working in the offices. Now, she is a high level accounting supervisor. She makes very good money, and she has a liberal amount of vacation time, but she rarely takes it because when she comes back, she feels more overwhelmed with work than when she left.

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    She and her family are very dependent on her income. However, the job is ruining her health. Thanks to the stress from the job, she has let her health slide.

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    Instead, she tells herself that she will retire early, perhaps in her fifties. If her health holds out for another 15 years or so until she retires, Rebecca will have a very comfortable retirement financially.

    He who promises runs in debt.

    But what about physically? Can she recover from the damage she is doing to her body now?

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    • Have Money But No Time, Or Have Time But No Money: What's Your Preference?
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    However, planning an early retirement is not her only option. If she were to get a different job in the same field, she would still make a comfortable living. Why are so many of us willing to sacrifice our health for more and more money? Instead, Dominguez and Robin lived a simple, frugal life that allowed them to work less for money and have more time to volunteer and do the things they enjoyed doing.

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    He died young, but thanks to his refusal to live a life ruled by consumerism, he had years to do what he wanted to with his life and his time.

    However, almost all of us could downsize and tighten our belt if we wanted to. They buy bigger houses because they need a place to keep all of their stuff.

    Why are there so few of us that are willing to scale back on our possessions and luxuries so we can truly enjoy our lives? Why are we chained to jobs we hate that are ruining our health and draining our lives of joy? Where do you stand?

    That dirty container full of trash? This includes food, furniture, and appliances. Too grossed out to even consider the idea? Well, just wait for when a retail store is closing and ask if you can have the stuff that is due to be thrown out.

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