These 12 Habits Will Help You Reach Financial Freedom

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However, feeling comfortable as a wealthy person on the other hand, has never been tougher. The pandemic has created a K-shaped recovery where the investor class has widened the gap between the working class.

Meanwhile, millions of people lost their jobs or were long-term underemployed. To be open about your income and wealth gains would be completely foolish when so many people are hurting. Further, just look at how the government goes after your money. The government taxes you based on income and much less so on wealth. Taxes are likely going up under Joe Biden as well. Therefore, stealth wealth is paramount. Who did you cheat or rob to get to where you are? Is the common attitude among those who feel left behind.

This is a real problem for those who want to make it big in the land of dreams and hand guns. Finally, hundreds of millions of Americans know what losing freedom is like due to months of shelter-in-place to combat the coronavirus pandemic of Despite the rich giving more to charity in one year than many others will give in their lifetimes, people will protest their wealth and hate them forever.

Despite paying more taxes earnings on the Internet with options year than what the median household makes, the rich person will be demonized for not paying his or her fair share.

Set yourself on the right financial path

Class warfare is no fun, even if you do have the financial means to own a bazooka. Practice Stealth Wealth Most readers here are ambitious folks who want to improve their financial health. When society turns their back on you for being successful, just recollect on all your struggles and take a deep breath.

And methods of the mantra from financial lack of freedom should certainly not feel embarrassed by your frugal habits and smart investments once you found a job. Unfortunately, society has a fantastic way of discrediting your achievements. When you are outnumbered, resistance is futile. You must blend in and rage with the rest of them. Your family will be more guarded from bullies lurking to recondition your children every chance they get.

Once you finish reading this post, never speak of its matters beyond your immediate family and friends again.

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A Guide To Stealth Wealth As America attempts to reverse capitalism due to widening income inequality, blending in as a middle class citizen has never been more vital. Below are 15 Stealth Wealth recommendations to help you assimilate better in society.

Add to fav One of the biggest blocks to our Super Attractor power is our money mindset. Money can be such a space of resistance for us.

Stealth Wealth Rule 1: Never drive a nice car to work or to any public setting. Take public transportation and proclaim your love for buses and trains profusely. His or her immediate thought will be to cut your bonus since you are doing so well.

When cops huddle for breakfast thinking about which car they want to ticket, do you think they are going for the guy in a 10 year old Toyota Corolla? Having a regular car is the 1 easiest way to practice Stealth Wealth. People love to snoop online to see what you paid for your house. Instead of giving an exact address, you can give them cross streets and a description of the house. Brown wood shingle house. Inevitably, they will find out your exact address if they pay attention, but delay that information methods of the mantra from financial lack of freedom as long as possible.

Your house is your sacred abode.

Money is our sole means and is known to make our existence smooth and comfortable. The primary means to ensure that you are blessed with abundance is to make sure that you keep Lord Kuber happy. He is the God of Wealth and if you keep him happy there will never be a shortage on anything in your life. Who doesn't want money? So how do you keep Lord Kuber happy?

Protect its privacy. I recommend claiming your house online and trying to make the house look as bad as possible. Property tax assessors look online all the time now to try and jack up your taxes. Your home is now the easiest way to blow your Stealth Wealth cover.

Be careful. Resist the urge to brag about your material things. You can tell them you got it at Ross, Target, or at a flea market overseas and marvel with them how good knock-offs are nowadays.

True abundance is an inside job

The quality things that you buy are for your own pleasure after all. Just say you like how it looks. Stealth Wealth Rule 4: Never reveal your full income. Without question, never reveal the full extent to how much you make. Only those who are insecure, seek adoration, or want to make money by teaching you how to make money enjoy flaunting their wealth.

The people bragging about their income are people with the lowest self-esteem. They clearly do not know the importance of Stealth Wealth.

20 Money Mantras To Inspire Financial Freedom

Stealth Wealth Rule 5: Spread your assets around. Do not become one of the biggest land owners in your community. Do not become one of the biggest shareholders in a private equity deal unless you really, really believe in it.

Chopping up your assets and putting them into different LLCs is one of the best ways the rich practice Stealth Wealth. Not everybody had nurturing parents, attended great schools, worked hard, got a lucky break etc.

Believe that people truly want to do better. When you start visiting other communities, you realize that despite all your hard work, you are probably luckier than most. Take every chance you get to travel internationally and live abroad.

  • Consider this a cheat sheet for those days when you really need an affirmation to repeat to yourself.
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Where I live in San Methods of the mantra from financial lack of freedom is a bubble. The NASDAQ has rebounded to all-time highs indespite there being tens of millions of people unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It would be unwise of me to think the rest of the country is also experiencing this sort of surreal prosperity.

A good Stealth Wealth practitioner knows when he or she is living in a usual situation. Stealth Wealth Rule 7: Pretend you do not understand. You might be a brilliant person, but brilliant people are intimidating.

Guard your intelligence like you guard your full income and wealth. Some of the smartest people I know have this eery look about them that screams stone cold aloofness. You know they are already thinking multi-variably, but from the outside it seems like they are a dull brick wall. Stealth Wealth Rule 8: Praise others for their success. People who are insecure tend to be the ones who want to toot their horn the most. You know the types who constantly post pictures of themselves online, name drop who they hung out with the other day, or constantly share how great they are.

Once in a while is absolutely fine. All the time just cries for desperation and attention. Give glory to them. Be happy for others and never belittle their achievements.

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Stealth Wealth Rule 9: Volunteer to be on various charitable boards. Your role as a charity board member is mainly to fundraise since it is assumed you are relatively well-connected. Rich people attract other rich people, who enjoy rallying around a cause. The more money you can raise for the charity, the less bad things other people will have to say about your wealth. Just be aware that usually only very wealthy people have time and the connections to land a board position at a charity.

Stealth Wealth Rule Always stay humble. Consistently mention your failures. Sooner or later, people will figure out you are not as poor as you make yourself out to look.

When they do, they will realize how humble and unassuming you were all those times they were talking about their wealth and their achievements. You know those movies where a girl falls in love with an ordinary guy she meets at a park, but he turns out to be a prince instead?

You want to be that guy. People attack me because Financial Samurai has grown to be a large independently-run personal finance site with over 1 million pageviews a month. If Financial Samurai was a small site, nobody would say anything. I give in. And you know what? It feels quite liberating.

Stealth Wealth Rule Donate aggressively to both parties or donate nothing at all. If you donate aggressively to one party, you run the risk of being ostracized if another party comes into power. Think about all the senior government officials and big backers who were loyal to Obama when Trump assumed power.

Their careers instantly got shut down. Now think about all the loyal backers of Trump if Biden becomes president? The solution is to donate to both parties equally and sing their causes for a greater America. Stealth Wealth Rule Set up trusts for your children and charities.

One of the great ways to hide and protect your wealth is by setting up revocable living trusts.


Trusts are all about leaving a legacy you desire without other people getting up in your business. Just be careful not to leave your kids too much, or else they might become spoiled brats with no purpose in life! Keep the inquisitive eyes guessing and even play along if they start getting very aggressive. A trust within a trust, just like a dream within a dream.

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One of the biggest annoyances is being around someone who is always so happy when you are not. The happy person usually lifts your spirits up.

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Smiling is the 1 thing you can do to improve your chances of being liked. And more importantly, your constant happiness might make other people feel bad for not feeling as happy. People are much more empathetic to people who are feeling down and out. Misery loves company!

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Instead of always being happy, develop a poker face in your daily life and practice your frump. Of course, if you are amongst happy people, smile and be happy as much as you want!

The Stealth Wealth practitioner is highly aware of his or her surroundings. Stealth Wealth Rule Understand pop culture and sports.

The more you can connect with someone, the less they will hate you. Americans spend six hours a day on average watching TV instead of producing. The more sports and pop culture you know, the more you are able to assimilate. The greatest thing I like about sports is that it breaks down all race, cultural, and economic barriers.

Now that tens of millions of people are sheltering in place forever, you should also become familiar with all the top shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now. Stealth Wealth Rule Always attribute your success to luck.

Eventually, people might catch on that you are wealthier than you make it seem to be. When they confront you, it is vital you attribute your success to lucky breaks. Take the confrontation a step further and buy them a drink or a meal to share your luck. You will instantly gain an ally if you do. I truly do believe anybody with a significant amount more wealth than average is lucky.

Therefore, if you are wealthy and start claiming it was mostly your skill and hard work that got there, you will instantly make enemies. A good life is all about genuine relationships that are not soiled by the taint of money. You might even get a call from your baby mama or baby papa to discover a child you never knew you had! You may very well be the wealthiest person at the table, but it starts getting incredibly annoying when people who are not starving are always asking you to pick up the bill.

The same lower expectations go for when it comes time to donate to charity.


People should pay or donate out of the goodness of their hearts, not because they are simply wealthier than others. Wealthy people tend to save more and invest more of their money. Less wealthy people tend to take their extravagant spending habits and extrapolate them if they had X amount more money. Sales people are trained to look out for wealthy customers. No kidnapper is going to bother kidnapping a person from the slums.

Muggers are wise to drive five minutes further to a wealthier zip code in San Francisco to mug unsuspecting pedestrians.