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Beloved Osho, Can you talk about money?

“Go there and make money…”

What are all these feelings which are around money? What makes it so powerful that people sacrifice their lives for it? This is a very significant question.

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All the religions have been against wealth because wealth can give you all that can binary options tutorial purchased in life. And almost everything can be purchased except those spiritual values — love, compassion, enlightenment, freedom.

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But these few things are exceptions, and exceptions always prove the rule. Everything else you can purchase with money. Because all the religions have been against life, they were bound to be against money.

That is a natural corollary.

Life needs money because life needs comforts, life needs good food, life needs good clothes, good houses. Life needs beautiful literature, music, art, osho how to make money. Life is vast!

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And a man who cannot understand classical music is poor. He is deaf. He may hear — his eyes, his ears, his nose, all his senses will be perfectly right medically — but metaphysically…. Can you see the beauty of great literature, like The Osho how to make money of Mirdad?

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If you cannot see it, you are blind. I have come across people who have not even heard the name of The Book of Mirdad.

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If I am to make a list of the great books, that will be the first. But to see the beauty of it you will need a tremendous discipline. To understand classical music is possible only if you learn — and it is a long learning. It is not like jazz music, for which no learning is needed.

One who is free from all clinging, attachments, blocks, demands, he alone knows the truth. Only he who makes no conditions can know the truth. Even this much of a condition — that you would rather be in the temple worshipping than attending to your store — can prevent you from knowing the truth. In such a case you will end up knowing only the truth that is born out of a lie — such as the temple itself.

Even monkeys can understand jazz — in fact, only monkeys understand it. It is not music, just a few crackpots making all kinds of noises, and you think it is music. You will find better music in a waterfall, or when the wind blows through the pine trees, or simply when you walk in the forest in autumn on dry leaves, and sounds are created.

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But to understand that, you will need to be free from hunger, free from poverty, free from all kinds of prejudices. For example, Mohammedans have prohibited music; now they have deprived man of a tremendous experience.

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It happened in New Delhi… one of the most powerful Mohammedan emperors, Aurangzeb, was on the throne. And he was not only powerful, he was really terrible.

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Up to his time Mohammedan emperors were saying only that music was against Islam, but that was all; Delhi was full of musicians. But Aurangzeb was not a gentleman, he was really a Mohammedan.

The talent of creating wealth

He declared that if any music was heard in Delhi, the musician would be immediately beheaded. And Delhi was the center, naturally, because it was the capital for thousands of years.

If you have to live simply then give the money to somebody else who wants to live richly. Why are you hoarding it? Live simply, perfectly okay.

So it was the place where all kinds of geniuses were living. They used to say it is against Islam — that was okay. But this man is dangerous, he will start killing. There was no corpse inside, just pillows, but they had managed to make it look like a corpse. And you are the option 1000 percent of it.

Now please be kind enough to me — dig as deep a grave as possible, so that it can never come out from the grave again. Music is denied by Mohammedans.