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Indicator Details This indicator compares price correlations on up to 3 different instruments simultaneously. It was designed for comparing currency pair correlations but it also works on stocks, commodities and crypto currencies whatever your broker offers in MT4.

Works on Currencies, Stocks, Indices, CFDs & Cryptos too!

The only requirement is that each instrument must be on the same exchange so their trading hours match. I designed this indicator to be very versatile. It can be used to trade many different strategies from scalping to hedging to simple strategy correlation indicator based on an average trend direction of 2 or 3 currency pairs or it can signal only when all 3 pairs correlate on the same side of a particular moving average. The dealing centers profit automatically applies the same moving average settings on all 3 strategy correlation indicator pairs on the same time frame so the correlations are always relative.

Terms You Should Know IMAs are the colored lines in the indicator field and each one represents a different correlation pair.

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The term "CMA" stands for "Combined Moving Average" and it is the green or red line in the indicator field that represents the "Average Trend" of all correlation pairs included in the average you may exclude the TradePair IMA3 from the average. The "Histogram" is the red or green bars that extend out to the CMA line so the CMA and Histogram have the same value but each can be displayed independently.

Here's just a few simple strategies you could use the indicator for.

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Follow the Average Trend: This is the simplest use of this indicator. The histogram displays the average trend of 2 or 3 currency pairs. Simply open a trade on 1, 2 or all 3 pairs in the direction of the "Average" trend following the histogram Buy during a green histogram, Sell during a Red histogram.

Simply put, correlation in the Forex market is the measure of how synchronously currency pairs move. Meaning, the higher the value of correlation, the longer the pairs move together in unison. Forex correlation occurs due to a small number of currencies that can make up a currency pair. Therefore, if yen begins to strengthen, these two pairs will move in the same direction.

It will generate a trade arrow when the Histogram turns from green to red, or red to green and you may reverse the arrow direction if you want to trade against the Histogram color ie. Buy on red, Sell on Green. When the histogram enters the window between the Minimum and Maximum CMA strength, it generates an entry signal.

When it exceeds the Maximum Strength in the direction of profitit generates an exit signal.

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When price dips back below the Maximum Strength, it will generate another entry signal. For example, you may choose a trading window of pips above the zero line and it will generate a buy signal when the histogram enters this window and exit signal when spikes above 50 on the scale. For sell signals, set a window of to and it will generate sell signals when the Histogram enters this strength window and an exit signal when the histogram drops below on the scale, acting like a profit target that follows the trend and exits on spikes of profit.

Trade Only the Strongest Pair: To reduce your exposure and maximize your ROI, you may choose to trade only the strongest pair in the direction of the histogram the average trend.

A trader’s guide to currency pair correlations in the forex market

IMAs are the colored indicators representing each correlation pair. Trade with the Average Trend Only During Correlation: If you are only interested in trading the biggest moves with the highest probability of follow-through, you can trade only when 3 similar pairs are moving in correlation all 3 pairs on the same side of the same moving average. The indicator will generage a trade arrow and pop-up alert when the correlation begins and ends.

The histogram will show the direction of the stronger trending pair.

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If the histogram is red, open a SELL on both pairs. The beauty of this strategy is that it is difficult to get large draw-downs because when one pair loses, the other usually wins. Your profit strategy correlation indicator result when one pair trends more than the other.

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The Multi-Pair EAs make this strategy very easy to execute on auto-pilot. When their IMAs cross in the indicator field, change your trade direction on each pair. You may set a profit target of "X" pips distance between each of their IMAs. Open new trades the next time their IMA lines cross.

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You may hide the Histogram and 3rd IMA for an easy-to-read 2-pair display as shown below. You will NOT be hedged in this scenario but it offers more profit potential as they trend in opposite directions. When their IMA indicators cross, change your trade direction on each pair. Trading this strategy on pairs with reverse correlation gives you more profit potential than when hedging correlating pairs because the more they trend in opposite directions, the more you profit, often on both pairs but try avoid this strategy in choppy market conditions.

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You may set a profit target of "X" pips distance between each of their IMAs and the distance between them is essentially your profit plus any amount they trended before hitting that target. For example, close both trades when their IMAs reach or pips distance between them and open new trades when their IMAs cross again.

The Moving Average settings I like to use for this strategy is 2,on a 1-Hour chart.