How to Decode, Read Your BMW VIN and Where to Find it

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Interested in having a full list of options your vehicle is equipped with? Then decode your VIN for free and we'll send you your full car specification, including head unit and software version. There's a lot more that goes into understanding your vehicle.

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Each of the 17 digits actually tells you something specific about your car, from when and where it was built to its feature-set. You can even use it on certain motor vehicle registries to find out whether the car is considered a salvage repaired after a major wreck or is listed as stolen. All essential information if you are buying a pre-owned or used car, simply want to do some comparison shopping, or wish to find the right upgrades or parts for your own car.

This string of characters, when decoded, can reveal vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, type of engine, model and more. Lookup and decode your vehicle identification number for free using VinCheck.

Some commercial services also allow individuals may vin option use a VIN to access all this information themselves, helping anybody shopping on the second-hand market get a clear idea of how well the vehicle has been maintained. Seeing where the services were performed will also reveal where investing in bitcoins through car has spent most of its life — potentially vital with older vehicles, when the effects of climate become more pronounced.

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Looking up the VINs of vehicles you expect to be built just before your vehicle should give you an idea of how long you have left to may vin option. After production is complete, it may even be possible to track your vehicle on its way from the factory to your local dealership. Finding aftermarket parts for your BMW by VIN Many replacement BMW parts or retrofits are designed with a specific vehicle in mind, and rely on a specific factory configuration that may differ from car to car, even in the same model family.

A VIN is enough to tell us exactly which parts and features can be found on your car, letting us prepare a compatible retrofit kit. As every car's VIN is unique, the information gathered from running a VIN search is specific to the exact vehicle, not just to the model or production run. That means you'll be able to see every little detail about the car you own or are interested in buying.

How to Do a VIN lookup

Vague information, like the model code and transmission type, right down to the production date, language version and factory color. You can confirm your VIN by checking it online and comparing the may vin option information to what you know about your vehicle.

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In most vehicles, the VIN is clearly visible through the front windscreen, meaning that — like a license plate number — it is assumed to be public knowledge. For this reason, they are designed to be safe to share. Before checking your VIN, it might help to brush up on the VIN decoding system so you can understand what all those digits mean.

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This is just a general guide, because while the U. As digits are unique to each factory, and digits will never be repeated by the same factory, the last seven digits of a VIN are enough to uniquely identify a BMW.

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BimmerTech therefore needs only these last 7 digits of the VIN to accurately match the right upgrades, parts, and retrofits to your car.

As well as performance, knowing a vehicle's VIN can also give an idea of what to expect from the in-car experience. The VIN can reveal the iDrive head unit fitted in the BMW, which influences not just the technology and connectivity features available from the factory, but also compatibility with third-party retrofits.

How many characters: 17 digits and capital letters Where to find: Dashboard on the driver's side First digit stands for: Country of manufacturer A vehicle identification number VIN is a unique code assigned to every motor vehicle when it's manufactured. The VIN is a character string of letters and numbers without intervening spaces or the letters Q qI iand O o ; these are omitted to avoid confusion with the numerals 0 and 1. Each section of the VIN provides a specific piece of information about the vehicle, including the year, country, and factory of manufacture; the make and model; and the serial number. VINs are usually printed in a single line. The best way to see it is to look through the windshield from outside the car.

This is vital information for checking what to expect from a used car, or to confirm compatibility with aftermarket retrofits. How do I find which options my BMW has? For example, run-flat tires are option SA, a digital instrument cluster goes under the option code S6WBA and option SA refers to the optional xenon lights in many vehicles.

A small number of options codes are fohermatted slightly differently, e.

How to Decode, Read Your BMW VIN and Where to Find it

One more example. Ready to check your own BMW? Perhaps your best step is just to check with us. And we also have retrofit solutions to upgrade your vehicle should it fall short on factory-installed options.

What does the VIN mean? Digits These usually tell you where the car was assembled, the manufacturer, and the vehicle type. Digits These describe your particular vehicle, like its model, body may vin option, engine type, and transmission.

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Digit 9: This is the check digit, used simply to tell whether there is an error in the VIN, like if you input it incorrectly. Digits Used to tell the year and the factory where it was assembled.

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