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Sep 27, The more I think about this even though I like the feature I requested it I may have to remove it until this issue is addressed. I leave my system running all night because it is set up to automatically startg several applications early in the AM.

This means that if Wavebox does not honor the LP logoff setting and because Wavebox does not have its own security if someone were able to hack into my PC during the evening when it is unattended that because Wavebox is still logged on the LP that it would be possible to gain access to the sites managed by LP.

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Although the critical sites are setup to oltrade binary options for the master PW it still represents an exposure I'd rather not have. BTW, the same thing is true especially for email accounts in wavebox where one is logged on until one logs off.

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IMO, Wavebox needs to do more to keep it secure from being misused in the event one's PC gets hacked into. I';m not sure what the answer is here but given that one could put in a lot of access to various sites it is too wide open for my likes.

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Copy link Sep 27, Ah right. I tried to recreate what you experienced to see if it happens here too.

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However, I can't even get set the "Automatically log out after idle It keeps asking me to install the binary component of LastPass which I did, but it still comes up! This I did and closed Wavebox for good measure.

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But the dialogue still pops up when trying to update that setting. Anyway, just thought I'd mention what I experienced in case it sheds some light on the problem.

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CheechGe Might be worth trying to set oltrade binary options Auto logout on close as well as idle to see if that does anything? Copy link.