Built- in option is

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Other OpenMP directives are ignored. This is an experimental feature whose interface may change in future versions of GCC, as the official specification changes. Please note that not built- in option is architectures are supported for this feature. Note that this option is off for all targets except for x86 targets using ms-abi.

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This enables -fms-extensionspermits passing pointers to structures with anonymous fields to functions that expect pointers to elements of the type of the field, and permits referring to anonymous fields declared using a typedef.

The value of such an expression is void. This option should not be used for new code.

Read-only variables cannot be reset.

Each kind of machine has a default for what char should be. It is either like unsigned char by default or like signed char by default.

The above Synopsis lists various actions the tool can perform as described in sections below. Optionally use cmake to Build a ProjectInstall a Project or just run the corresponding build tool e. The other actions are meant for use by software developers writing scripts in the CMake language to support their builds. For graphical user interfaces that may be used in place of cmake, see ccmake and cmake-gui. For command-line interfaces to the CMake testing and packaging facilities, see ctest and cpack.

Ideally, a portable program should always use signed char or unsigned char when it depends on the signedness of an object. But many programs have been written to use plain char and expect it to be signed, or expect it to be unsigned, depending on the machines they were written for.

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This option, and its inverse, let you make such a program work with the opposite default. The type char is always a distinct type from each of signed char or unsigned char, even though its behavior is always just like one of those two.

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Note that this is equivalent to -fno-unsigned-charwhich is the negative form of -funsigned-char.