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    Which binary option to choose of this approach ignore forward estimates because they are often based on wishful thinking, erroneous assumptions, and analyst bias.

    The "earnings" part, however, is more difficult to find. The values for the months between are linear interpolations from the quarterly numbers.

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    It peaked close to 47 two years after the market topped out. Earnings fell faster than price. Graham collaborated with David Dodd to devise a more accurate way to calculate the market's value, which they discussed in their classic book, Security Analysis.

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    Their solution was to divide the price by a multi-year average of earnings and suggested 5, 7 or years. Yale professor and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller, the author of Irrational Exuberancehas popularized the concept to a wider audience of investors and has selected the year average of "real" inflation-adjusted earnings as the denominator.

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    In fact, the detrended correlation between the two sincethe year when the first decade of average earnings is available, is 0. Note: A perfect positive correlation would be 1 and the absence of correlation would be 0.

    After dropping to It began rising again in latereaching On the contrary, over the long haul it swings dramatically between the over- and under-valued ranges.

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    The high of Where does the current valuation put us? What can we learn from this analysis?

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    The Financial Crisis of triggered an accelerated decline toward value territory, with the ratio dropping to the upper second quintile from the bottom in March The price rebound since the low pushed the ratio back into the top quintile, hovered around that boundary and has now moved higher. Of course, a happier alternative would be for corporate earnings to continue their strong and prolonged surge. These secular declines have ranged in length from over 19 years to as few as three.

    This is illustrated in the accompanying chart.

    Percentile Analysis We can also use a percentile analysis to put today's market valuation in the historical context. It was over 10 years since the Lehman Brothers crisis and the market finally corrected into bull territory after new market highs in March due to the COVID global pandemic.

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    Check out this infographic from FINRA on the longest bull markets not yet updated to reflect recent events. While that may seem a reasonable assumption, a simple experiment shows that the earnings plunge did not dramatically impact the ratio.

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    Let's p earnings on the Internet that the December TTM earnings of The mean average only drops from The lower bound of the top quintile drops from Here is a: direct link to the page. Click the Index Earnings link to download the Excel file. Once you've downloaded the spreadsheet, scroll down to the "As Reported Earnings" data in column L.

    For readers unfamiliar with the index, see this article for some background information.