Choosing the Best Kitchen Range

Options range features

Flipboard With its stainless-steel body and top-quality details, a pro-style range looks at home in almost any style of kitchen.

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With heavy cast-iron grates, beefy knobs and handles, and high-Btu burners, the pro-style range has become the modern-day hearth: a dramatic focal point in the home's main gathering place. Of course, one of these serious stoves can boost your cooking prowess, too—not to mention your home's resale value. Why Buy real options example Professional Kitchen Stove?

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Industrial-style appliances started gaining ground in the s, when homeowners began hankering for restaurant options range features to get more burners, more power, and more pro features, like built-in griddles and grills.

But at up to 36 options range features from front to back, these behemoths didn't fit neatly into your average cook space.

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They also lacked broilers and became dangerously hot. Enter the "pro-style" solution.

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  • The terms "range" and "stove" can be used interchangeably to describe an appliance that includes an oven, topped with cooking elements such as burners and a griddle.
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Scaled to fit standard-depth counters, these models won't burn down the house, thanks to beefed-up insulation.

Of course, a pro-style range is no small investment.

options range features

We'll walk you through all the options and considerations, so you'll know just what to look for when you're ready for this serious kitchen upgrade.

Most pro-style ranges come in standard widths of 30, 36, 48, and 60 inches. Larger widths mean more burners or other cooktop options, such as griddles and grills, and more oven space, too.

options range features

The ovens in a inch unit can handle catering trays; and inch models can fit two ovens. How much do they cost? What if it breaks?

options range features

Expect to get at least 20 years out of your investment, but features like electronic burner ignitions can be extremely costly to replace when they fail, and finding companies to service some lesser-known brands can be difficult.

Gas or electric?

options range features

While pro-style burners are always gas, they can be paired with a gas or an electric oven the latter option is known as "dual fuel". Some cooks prefer gas ovens for their moister heat.