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Practice of options on forts

Reproducible Teach This Lesson With sprightly text and winsome pictures, this modern spin on the timeless favorite The Little Red Hen celebrates the pluck and ingenuity of young creators everywhere! Preschool Math and Reading Activities Shape Fort Math and Science Center Provide students with blank paper, glue, and cut-out shapes in a variety of colors and textures.

Using the shapes, invite them to create their own forts. Encourage students to write a sentence or dictate a caption about their fort.

Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT)

What do you notice? Brainstorm some other red things that could fit in her fort. This lesson could be modified for counting. Ask for volunteers to choose an object that begins with the letter F and place the chosen object in the fort. What in the story makes you think so? In what ways are they like her? Pick one of the children in the story and explain how that character changes. Why do you think so?

About the FoRT

What themes do you detect in the story? For example, you could say that one character is a chicken and one character is a girl, but you could also say that Ruby is planning to play in her fort, while Hen is planning to eat her supper.

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Reflect how you might persuade someone to help you do something. With these considerations in mind, how could Ruby persuade the boys to help her build the fort? Encourage the students to collaborate, discussing and brainstorming together in order to compile a list of strategies Ruby could use.

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Remind them to tailor their arguments to the older brothers. Each small group of students will analyze how the story elements setting, plot, characters, solution, etc. You can add some problem-solving by allowing them to decide how to make a Venn Diagram without a pre-made chart. They might ask for a compass, rulers, or trace an upturned trash bin. The point is that they have to find a solution. Encourage the students to use complete sentences as this trick will make paragraph construction much simpler.

Explore this relationship by asking them to compare and contrast a square and cube, triangle and triangular pyramid, etc.

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You can use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast these two types of shapes, if desired. Explain that 2D shapes can be combined to construct 3D shapes. Students should assemble cut out whole design, fold, and tape if needed the templates and compare the shape to their predictions. What parts of your shape required you to change your thinking? Provide materials like rulers, compasses, and protractors.

Challenge the students, as a group or individually, to design a paper template of 2D shapes that will make a little 3D fort when assembled.

Creative and Fun Fort Playhouse Ideas Girls Will Love

Coach as needed, asking facilitative questions. Where should you draw a door or window so that it ends up in the right place when assembled? Put them in collaborative groups to design a fort that must meet certain specifications and adhere to certain constraints.

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Constraints might be the construction deadline and the virtual budget you will allow the students. For the budget, post a pricelist for materials popsicle sticks, styrofoam, etc.

The fort practice of options on forts come in under budget.

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As they build, the students should feel free to make modifications to improve their designs. For a technology component, have the students create a stop-motion movie of their construction process to share with their peers. If you choose to do a fort-building contest, you might consider doing it at school, under your supervision.

Can you die in Playground Mode?

You could even let the students help decide what the judging criteria will be. Display a Parade of Forts for other students to see.

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Feel free to send photos of your forts to the author at bmaierauthor gmail. Option 3: Green Fort Challenge Have students research how home construction affects the environment. Compile a list of negative consequences. In student groups, discuss how you could design and build an environmentally friendly fort. For example, you might use recycled material to conserve resources or construct skylights to reduce electricity usage.

This is a very open-ended challenge, so allow students 2020 binary options strategies freedom to research the elements of environmental protection in which they practice of options on forts most interested.

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Omit the budget constraint, as students will be using a variety of recycled materials. Construct a Green Fort and add notes to the base justifying your design as an improvement over a traditional design. Green Fort Challenge as a Follow-up to the Red Fort Challenge When choosing to make Green Forts after constructing Red Forts, students should research how housing construction negatively affects the environment.

Discuss what you know and what you need to know in groups.

Imaginative play comes easily to young female minds as they create and live out stories while dreaming of a life beyond their own current state of being. There is more.

Choose three biomes from the list your teacher has offered rainforest, desert, avannah, alpine mountains, etc.