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Hypertrading in the processor

Architecturally, a processor with Hyper-Threading Technology consists of two logical processors per core, each of which has its own processor architectural state.

What Is Hyper-Threading? A Basic Definition

Each logical processor can be individually halted, interrupted or directed to execute a specified thread, independently from the other logical processor sharing the same physical core. These resources include the execution engine, caches, and system bus interface; the sharing of resources allows two logical processors to work with each other more efficiently, and allows a logical processor to borrow resources from a stalled logical core assuming both logical cores are associated with the same physical core.

A processor stalls when it is waiting for data it has sent for so it can finish processing the present thread. The degree of benefit seen when using a hyper-threaded or multi core processor depends on the needs of the software, and hypertrading in the processor well it and the operating system are written to manage the processor efficiently.

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This allows a hyper-threading processor to appear as the usual "physical" processor and an extra " logical " processor to the host operating system HTT-unaware operating systems see two "physical" processorsallowing the operating system to schedule two threads or processes simultaneously and appropriately. When execution resources would not be used by the current task in a processor without hyper-threading, and especially when the processor is stalled, a hyper-threading equipped processor can use those execution resources to execute another scheduled task.

The processor may stall due to a cache missbranch mispredictionor data dependency.


The minimum that is required to take advantage of hyper-threading is symmetric multiprocessing SMP support in the operating system, as the logical processors appear as standard separate processors.

It is possible to optimize operating system behavior on multi-processor hyper-threading capable systems.

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For example, consider an SMP system with two physical processors that are both hyper-threaded for a total of four logical processors.

If the operating system's thread scheduler is unaware of hyper-threading, it will treat all four logical processors the same.

If only two threads are eligible to run, it might choose to schedule those threads on the two logical processors that happen to belong to the same physical processor; that processor would become extremely busy while the other would idle, leading to poorer performance than is possible by scheduling the threads onto different physical processors.

This problem can be avoided by improving the scheduler to treat logical processors differently from physical processors; in a sense, this is a limited form of the scheduler changes that are required for NUMA systems. History[ edit ] The first published paper describing what is now known as hyper-threading in a general purpose computer was written by Edward Make money fast website. Davidson and Leonard.

Shar in The HEP pipeline could not hold multiple instructions from the same process.

Hyperthreading Vs No-Hyperthreading: Which CPU is better

Only one instruction from a given process was allowed to be present in the pipeline at any point in time. Should an instruction from a given process block the pipe, instructions from other processes would hypertrading in the processor after the pipeline drained.

At that time, CMOS process technology was not advanced enough to allow for a cost-effective implementation.

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It was also included on the 3. The processors based on the Core microarchitecture did not have hyper-threading because the Core microarchitecture was a descendant of the older P6 microarchitecture.

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The first generation Nehalem processors contained four physicals cores hypertrading in the processor effectively scaled to eight threads. Since then, both two- and six-core models have been released, scaling four and twelve threads respectively. The next model, the Itanium Poulsonfeatures a wide issue architecture, with eight CPU cores with support for eight more virtual cores via hyper-threading.

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Tom's Hardware states: "In some cases a P4 running at 3. Overall the performance history of hyper-threading was a mixed one in the beginning.

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  • It is used in certain Pentium 4 processors and all Intel Xeon processors.
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As one commentary on high-performance computing from November notes: [19] Hyper-Threading can improve the performance of some MPI applications, but not all. Depending on the cluster configuration and, most importantly, the nature of the application running on the cluster, performance gains can vary or even be negative.

Clearly hyperthreading is a good thing because you have to pay extra for it, but what does it do? Most importantly, is it something that you should care about?

The next step is to use performance tools to understand what areas contribute to performance gains and what areas contribute to performance degradation. As a result, performance improvements are very application-dependent; [20] however, when running two programs that require full attention of the processor, it can actually seem like one or both of the programs slows down slightly when Hyper-Threading Technology is turned on.

In other words, overall processing latency is significantly increased due to hyper-threading, with the negative effects becoming smaller as there EUR options chart more simultaneous threads that can effectively use the additional hardware resource utilization provided by hyper-threading.

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Windows and Linux older than 2. Potential solutions to this include the processor changing its cache eviction strategy or the operating system preventing the simultaneous execution, on the same physical core, of threads with different privileges.