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August The South Asian region is characterised by a huge hydropower generation potential, with many countries offering opportunities for the export and import of hydropower. While India is coal dominated at present, it is moving towards renewable hep hep trading. India is a large market with a huge long-term electricity demand, involved in both import and export of power.

Hep trading is hydro dominated and is mainly an importer of electricity. Bhutan is the only country in South Asia binary options trading schedule electricity is the main export commodity, with India being the sole importer.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh is mainly gas dominated, but faces several resource constraints. It imports electricity from India and is expected to remain an importing country in the future.

Market Overview

While Nepal has a large hydropower potential, it faces a high power deficit and imports electricity from India. Sri Lanka is currently hydro dominated, but the fuel mix in the country is undergoing a change. The country is characterised by high peak demand and no trading at present.

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Pakistan is largely dependent on hep trading oil, despite the presence of more natural gas resources in the country. The electricity demand in the country is increasing as the grid supply is being extended to remote areas. Overall, among the South Asian countries, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and India are very active in cross-border power trading and are working on several commercial and government-to-government G2G transactions.

A contingent liability claim against PTC amounting to Rs. Power trade with Bhutan: The present power trade with Bhutan is being carried out under bilateral contractual arrangements with tariff fixation based on negotiations between the two Governments. All the six units of Tala Hydroelectric Power Project? Nepal Power Exchange Committee Arrangement. The two sides, through Indo?

A look at the regional power market in South Asia, the current status of energy trade and the issues and challenges in cross-border trading in the region… Policy enablers for cross-border trade of electricity The policy and regulatory framework has been an hep trading of cross-border electricity trade in the South Asian region.

The regulations followed the revised guidelines for cross-border trading finalised by the Ministry of Power in Decemberrelaxing several clauses of the previous guidelines notified in December The draft Electricity Amendment Bill, has defined CBTE as transactions involving import or export of electricity between India and any other country, as well as transactions of electricity between two other countries through India.

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Meanwhile, at the inauguration of the first assembly of the International Solar Alliance, the Indian prime minister called for connecting solar energy supply across borders in West Asia and Southeast Asia, under his vision for One Sun, One World, One Grid.

Bihar is also supplying power to Nepal under the Power Exchange Committee.

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Power supply is limited because of lack of a proper transmission infrastructure. However, it is likely to increase with the upgradation of transmission infrastructure.

It may initially transfer up to MW of power and eventually be able to transfer up to 1, MW.

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Bhutan exported MUs of power inwhich has grown exponentially to stand at 8, MUs annually. Bhutan is highly dependent on power export revenues from India as the export of power to India hep trading around 40 per cent to its total revenues.

This was the first power supply to Bangladesh based on competitive bidding. PTC is currently supplying MW of power to Bangladesh on a competitive bidding basis under hep trading power purchase agreement valid up to Issues and challenges Maintaining cross-border power flow within the prescribed limits of each country is vital for system stability. However, the cross-border trade of electricity is hindered due to several challenges.

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There are issues related to political instability in the region. The policy, legal and regulatory differences among the countries also pose a challenge.

Security considerations arise as it changes the sector structure and regulatory framework in countries, besides affecting existing diplomatic relationships. Further, there are infrastructural and technical constraints, resulting in limited transmission interconnection capacities.

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The diversity of electricity codes and balancing mechanisms remains a key issue. The financial constraints include lack of financial resources for setting up generation and transmission infrastructure and low creditworthiness of utilities. Apart from hep trading, there are contract risks, financial and payment issues, commercial and legal issues, as well as dispute resolution and arbitration issues among the countries. The way forward Interventions are required for enhancing the South Asian power market.

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There is a need to have investor-friendly policies for the sustainable exploitation of the energy resources and protection of investments. The regulatory framework needs to be harmonious across participating countries.

An energy charter treaty needs to be developed for greater security of cross-border energy transfer-related investments and transactions. A regional forum of regulators for framing uniform rules and regulations could help address some of these challenges.

Further, a regional transmission master plan is at an advanced stage of development, which will help plan the interregional transmission network.

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A single window clearance mechanism and standard contracts are required to create a favourable operating environment. Going forward, the implementation of technically and economically feasible bilateral cross-border interconnections may be carried out based on a scenario analysis and possible financing options.

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Net, net, cooperation in the energy sector will help SAARC countries strengthen the national energy security, reduce the costs of energy supply, and adopt clean energy sources to meet the growing electricity demand.