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When US troops return ellie robot for options from a tour of duty, each person finds their own way to resume their daily lives. But they also, every one, complete a written survey called the Post-Deployment Health Assessment.

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But the survey, designed to give the military insight into the mental health of its personnel, can wind up distorting it. Veterans need somebody who can help.

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Somebody who can carry their secrets confidentially, and without judgement. Somebody they can trust.

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Or, perhaps, something. The findings, which appear in the latest issue of the journal Earnings work internet money in Robotics and AIsuggest that virtual interviewers could prove to be even better than human therapists at helping soldiers open up about their mental health.

But a virtual interviewer can offer both.

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A few years ago, Lucas and her colleagues paired hundreds of test subjects with Ellie, an embodied AI designed to engage test subjects in verbal interviews. Participants sat alone in a room with the virtual therapist, who appeared and communicated via a television screen.

Psychologists call these kinds of sounds and gestures backchannels.

Transcript I'm in a booth with a computer program called Ellie. She's on a screen in front of me. Ellie was designed to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, and when I get into the booth she starts asking me questions — about my family, my feelings, my biggest regrets. Emotions seem really messy and hard for a machine to understand. But Skip Rizzo, a psychologist who helped design Ellie, thought otherwise.

When interspersed appropriately throughout an interaction, they can help build rapport and elicit sharing. Ellie's capacity for subtle and supportive engagement reveals fascinating things about humans, and how we choose to guard our secrets. The other half were deceived into thinking there was a person pulling Ellie's strings.

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In the end, the participants who thought they were talking with the virtual therapist alone were significantly more likely to open up. For civilians, at least, just removing the idea of human presence led to more fruitful clinical sessions.

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To see if Ellie could help soldiers reveal their PTSD symptoms, Lucas and her colleagues recruited soldiers recently returned from Afghanistan. As in the previous study, Ellie began each interview with rapport-building questions and ended with positive, mood-boosting ones.

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But the service ellie robot for options also divulged more to Ellie than they did on an anonymized version of the PDHA. That suggests a system like Ellie could provide a real service to members of the military. They're identifying people who have distress.

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Now that we've identified their symptoms, how do we ensure they get the treatment they need? According to a study conducted by the RAND Center for Military Health Policy Research, fewer than half of returning veterans requiring mental health services receive treatment.

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The system is already backlogged; virtual therapists like Ellie could wind up adding to the pile up. But they could also relieve some of the burden.

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