Binary Options Day Trading in Russia 2021

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    However, some traders might choose not to get this money back, which will influence the potential payout rates as well.

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    How to choose the best payout One of the most common mistakes made by novice traders is their attempt to hit the jackpot with a single trade. In order to help you better understand the topic, we will give you two practical examples.

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    The final goal of both traders is the same. However, the number of executed trades is going to be different.

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    The question is which approach is better, while the answer is that both traders have equal chances to achieve their goals. There is no way to know which trade will work and which will not.

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    Is there a way to develop a specific strategy? Unfortunately, if trader A achieves the goal and trader B is forced to repeat the actions until achieving the goal as well, they should both be aware of the fact that everything is possible and the situation may change in just a few minutes.

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    However, experienced traders would tell you that the strategy of trader B is preferred to that quick income sites trader A, because it is more conservative.