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The average price of a stock in the TSX 60 has almost doubled in the last decade. This translates to significantly more capital being required to purchase shares of an underlying stock.

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  5. The forecast must predict 1 that the stock price will rise so the call increases in price and 2 that the stock price rise will occur before expiration.

Many investors with smaller account sizes may consider using long-term options as an alternative to buying shares of a stock. In this post we explore comparing buying stock to long-term options. To learn more on trading long-term options, view our latest webinar on this topic!

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When to use Long-Term options There are 2 types of long-term options — calls and puts: Long-Term Calls Long-term call options are frequently used as a replacement strategy for a long stock position as it offers long term upside exposure with limited risk.

Calls should be used when there is a bullish outlook on the underlying stock or ETF long- term options strategy at least months or greater. Long-term options are also a great way to mitigate downside risks. When the market is believed to be overbought or if a rally is extended with no significant pullbacks, the probability of a market correction becomes higher.

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Long-term options allow for upside exposure but limited downside risks if there is a market correction compared to owning a stock or ETF. Long-Term Puts Buying a long-term put offers downside protection against long positions in either individual stocks or a portfolio of stocks.

Benefits of Long-Term Options Long-term options offer a lower capital outlay option when compared to buying or shorting a stock. As long-term options have a slower level of time decay, they are typically suitable for investments with a time horizon greater than months.

Harnessing Volatility with a Long-Term Options Strategy

Limitations of Pending order in binary options Options Long-term options are less liquid than front-month options. Therefore, it is only viable to use them for longer term investing instead of short-term active trading.

When deciding whether to use long-term options or to simply buy the stock, one should consider whether the stock is a dividend-paying stock.

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Options do not pay dividends and investors seeking to take advantage of dividend income may prefer buying the stock instead of using options. Furthermore, long-term options are available on only 64 stocks and ETFs, requiring open interest of 5, or more over a period of 6 months before they are listed.

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A list of all available stocks with long-term options long- term options strategy be found here. Even though OTM options cost less to buy, it is important to remember that options are used as a replacement to buying and holding the stock for a long period of time.

Therefore, an investor that uses options would want to maximize the capital appreciation of the stock by using ITM options.

What are "LEAPS"?

Strike selection — Buy In-the-money strikes delta. This replaces the stock leg of a covered call with a long-term option, otherwise known as a diagonal spread.

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However, it is important to remember to roll the short call at expiration if it is above the strike price. Otherwise this may result in having to buy stock or exercising the long-term calls to deliver the shares.

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Summary Long-term options provide an alternative to gain long-term exposure to the capital appreciation of a stock while reducing the capital outlay and overall the risk. Due to the large amount of capital required to buy shares of a stock outright, Bitcoin binary options strategies options have become a popular tool for investors with less capital.

When trading long-term options, use the trading tips in this post to maximize their effectiveness. Take advantage of free access to OptionsPlay Canada: www.

As always, you should ensure that you are comfortable with the proposed scenarios and ready to assume all the risks before implementing an option strategy.

Before we leap to the topic at hand, you can refer the following course to refresh your knowledge on the basics of options. Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities or LEAPS for short are a type of options contract whose expiry is always more than a year, some even going as far as three years. Typically, options were inherently short-term and were offered in the range of 3, 6 and 9-month ranges. Eventually, there were individuals who were looking at the long term horizon for a certain asset but did not want to own it outright. Keeping this in mind, LEAPS were introduced, wherein an individual could participate in the long term market movements without significant capital at hand.

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