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Earnings on the Internet from 5 percent. Alphabet Earnings: Google Cloud Revenue Jumps 45 Percent

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Alphabet Earnings: Google Cloud Revenue Jumps 45 Percent

Now, just before we get started with all those numbers, you may want to go grab a coffee and get comfortable. OK… all set?

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The standout story here is India, which has seen internet users jump by almost million in the past 12 months, representing annual growth of more than 20 percent. Internet penetration in the South Asian country now stands at roughly 41 percent — a considerable improvement over the 31 percent that we reported this time last year.

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Overall, Asia-Pacific delivered 55 percent of the annual growth figure, with China adding another 50 million new users in the past year. Meanwhile, African nations dominate the list of countries with the fastest growing internet communities, although many of these countries start from relatively small bases.

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Western Sahara saw the greatest year-on-year relative gains, with the reported number of internet users in the country increasing by earnings on the Internet from 5 percent five times since January Five countries saw their internet populations double over the past 12 months, while nine countries experienced annual growth of 50 percent or more.

View fullsize Internet Users: Annual Growth Relative January DataReportal These annual growth numbers are already impressive, but an even more striking picture emerges as we take a longer-term view.

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The number of internet users around the world has grown by more than 1. Data from the ITU suggest that it took roughly 16 years for the internet to reach its first billion users, but just another six years for it to reach two billion.

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However, the data in our Digital reports suggest that the internet is now growing at a rate of one billion new users every 2. Internet user behaviours in The ways in which people use the internet are evolving quickly too, with mobile accounting for an ever-increasing share of our online activities. If we extend that average across the total internet user base of almost 4.

Ookla reports that average mobile connection speeds have increased by 18 percent since this time last year, while the speed of the average fixed connection has jumped by a third.

Digital 2019: Global Digital Overview

Twelve countries and territories now enjoy average fixed internet connection speeds of more than MBPS, while ten countries enjoy average mobile connection speeds in excess of 50MBPS.

Interestingly, the average mobile connection speed exceeds the average fixed connection speed in 44 out of countries and territories for which Ookla reports data, and the average mobile connection speed is more than double the average fixed connection speed in 10 of those countries.

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Either way, the numbers all indicate that people spend a lot of time consuming adult content. That probably comes as little surprise, but the sheer amount of time involved may still shock you.

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Data from SimilarWeb suggest that, in alone, people will spend more than 1 billion days of collective human time on just the top 5 adult sites. GlobalWebIndex reports that 92 percent of internet users now watch videos online each month, meaning that more than 4 billion people around the world are consuming online video content in early For context, roughly 6 billion people around the world have a television set at home, based on data reported by the ITU.

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People are spending an increasing amount of time watching other people play games online, too. The latest numbers indicate that almost a quarter of all internet users — more than 1 billion people — watch livestreams of other people playing games each month. The use of voice control tools increased significantly duringwith roughly four in every ten internet users now using voice commands or voice search every month.

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Crucially, roughly half of all internet users in China and India now use voice control, and with these two markets being top priorities for developers, we can expect to see even stronger growth in the use of voice tech during These in-depth numbers tell a mixed story though, with some platforms showing impressive growth over the past 12 months, and others starting to lose ground.

Worldwide social media user numbers have grown to almost 3. Social media use is still far from evenly distributed across the globe though, and penetration rates in parts of Africa are still in the single digits.

At the other end of the scale, North Korea continues to languish in last place in the global earnings on the Internet from 5 percent media rankings, with a penetration figure of less than 0.

Google Cloud was an earnings bright spot for parent company Alphabet, which said it saw broad-based increases in advertiser spending for Google Search and YouTube, as well as ongoing strength in Google Play for the third quarter that ended on Sept. Three areas are driving growth for Google Cloud, the third largest cloud computing provider behind Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, according to Pichai. As the shift to digital accelerates, Google Cloud continues to provide a foundation for data processing and analytics -- one of the fastest growing segments of the market, Pichai said.

This is perhaps unsurprising though, considering that the internet — or who earned money for cars how least the internet as the rest of the world knows it — remains blocked throughout the country.

African nations make up the remainder of the bottom 10 countries by social media penetration, and a number of countries across the region actually registered declines in social media use over the past 12 months.

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  • Share on Share on The Unified Payments Interface UPI recorded percent growth in value of transactions from the period of December to Decemberrevealing the penetration of online financial transactions in India.
  • Locowise Please also note that some of the underlying sources and reporting methodologies for some of our core data points have changed since last year, so various numbers in our Digital collection will not be comparable to similar data points in previous reports.

View fullsize Social Media Penetration by Country January DataReportal However, comparisons to total population are less representative when it comes to social media, because most platforms prohibit use by children. Considering that almost 40 percent of the total population in some parts of Africa is below the age of 13, this has a meaningful impact on the overall social media picture.

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