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Every transaction happens flawlessly thanks to the simple design!

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But there is still MUCH room for improvement! This bug makes the bottom UI disappear so I have to close my application and relaunch it every time to make it go away.

Local Trader is an application powered by the LocalBitcoins service.

Developer ResponseThank you for the great rating, but we would like to address these problems you are having. Could you please email us at: wallet bitcoin. And I noticed people complained about them advertising BCH so much but it was never a problem for me to just switch to BTC if you wanted too.

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So just warning people if your region is not supported do no use there local side to buy bitcoin, those people on there will say anything just to get your money. Other than that I still use the wallet.

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Developer ResponseHi there, sorry to hear that happened. Our buy.

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In regards to your local,bitcoin trade. The site acts as an escrow service, you should never send payment until the escrow has been funded, the platform is designed to prevent you from local bitcoin application your money on peer to peer trades.

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If you have any more questions, please contact us at wallet bitcoin. Thank you.

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I have used it for a long time and made many transactions with people of all experience levels. There are simpler wallets like Yenom that also work well if you want absolute minimalism.

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It works out of the box but has a lot of configuration options if you want them: - hide balance.