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    The battle began on 19 July and is part of the Syrian Civil War. On 6 OctoberPresident Bashar al-Assad offered amnesty to militants in the city, offering to evacuate them and their families to safe areas; such deals were made and concluded in other contested regions of Syria, the militants refused this proposal.

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    Human rights organizations have estimated that around half the casualties were children. The Russian and Syrian forces were also accused of conducting "double tap" airstrikes which purposefully targeted rescue workers and first responders at hospitals and other civilian structures that they had already bombed. In Aleppo itself, large protests started more than a year later in May This new approach led to the killing of at least one rebel commander following a dispute; fighters retreating with their loot caused the loss of a frontline position and the failure of an attack on a Kurdish neighborhood.

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    The looting cost the rebel fighters much popular support. They included Libyans, Chechens, and Frenchmen.

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    The government retained support in Aleppo. They divided their forces into groups of 40 soldiers each. These were armed mostly with automatic rifles and anti-tank rockets and artillery, tanks and helicopters were only used for support.

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    In Augustthe army deployed its elite units. The Armenians had a militia with around fighters. They did not initially fight the Syrian Army unless attacked.

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