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Full size table A normalized score for each NPI category is obtained by rescaling the result within each method to range between zero least effective and one most effective and then averaging this score. We find 14 additional NPI categories consensually in three of our methods.

Among the least effective interventions we find: government actions to provide or receive international help, measures to enhance testing capacity or improve case detection strategy which can be expected to lead to a short-term rise in casestracing and tracking measures as well as land border and airport health checks and environmental cleaning.

In Fig. Nodes correspond to categories L2 with size being proportional to their normalized score. Directed links from i to j indicate a tendency that countries implement NPI j after they have implemented i.

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The network therefore illustrates the typical NPI implementation sequence in the 56 countries and the steps within this sequence that contribute most to a reduction in Rt.

For instance, there is a pattern where countries first cancel mass gatherings before moving on to cancellations of specific types of small gatherings, where the latter associates on average with more substantial reductions in Rt.

Most social distancing that is, closure of educational institutionstravel restriction measures that is, individual movement restrictions like curfew and national lockdown and measures to increase the availability of PPE are typically implemented within the first 2 weeks after reaching 30 cases, with varying impacts on Rt; see also Fig.

Nodes are categories L2with colours indicating the theme L1 and size being proportional to the average effectiveness of the intervention.

Binary option - Wikipedia

Arrows from nodes i to j denote that those countries which have already implemented intervention i tend to implement intervention j later in time. Nodes are positioned vertically according to their average time of implementation measured relative to the day where that country reached 30 confirmed casesand horizontally according to their L1 theme. The stacked histogram on the right shows the number of implemented NPIs per time period epidemic age and theme colour.

Full size image Within the CC approach, we can further explore these results on a finer hierarchical level.

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Validation with external datasets We validate our findings with results from two external datasets Methods. The least effective measures include active case detection, contact tracing and environmental cleaning and disinfection.

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Analyses show four full-consensus measures and 13 further NPIs with an agreement of three methods. Twenty-three NPIs in the CoronaNet dataset do not show statistical significance in any method, including several restrictions and regulations of government services for example, for tourist sites, parks, public museums, telecommunicationshygiene measures for public areas and other measures that target very specific populations for example, certain age groups, visa extensions.

Ranking the effectiveness of worldwide COVID government interventions | Nature Human Behaviour

Country-level approach A sensitivity check of our results with respect to the removal of individual continents from the analysis also indicates substantial variations between world geographical regions in terms of NPI effectiveness Supplementary Information.

To onlne make money quantify how much the effectiveness of an NPI depends on the particular territory country or US state where it has been introduced, we measure the heterogeneity of NPI rankings in different territories through an entropic approach in the TF method Methods.

Figure 3 shows the normalized entropy of each NPI category versus its rank.

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A value of entropy close to zero implies that the corresponding NPI has a similar rank relative to all other NPIs in all territories: in other words, the effectiveness of the NPI does not depend on the specific country or state.

On the other hand, a high value of the normalized entropy signals that the performance of each NPI depends largely on the geographical region.

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Each NPI is colour coded according to its theme of belonging L1as indicated in the legend. The blue curve represents the same information obtained from a reshuffled dataset of NPIs. Full size image The values of the normalized entropies for many NPIs are far from one, and are also below the corresponding values obtained through temporal reshuffling of NPIs in each country.

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The effectiveness of many NPIs therefore is, first, significant and, second, depends on the local context combination of socio-economic features and NPIs already adopted to varying degrees. In general, social distancing measures and travel restrictions show a high entropy effectiveness options 3 0 worldwide considerably across countries whereas case identification, contact tracing and healthcare measures show substantially less country dependence.

We further explore this interplay of NPIs with socio-economic factors by analysing the effects of demographic and socio-economic covariates, as well as indicators for governance and human and economic development in the CC method Supplementary Information.

While the effects of most indicators vary across different NPIs at rather moderate levels, we find a robust tendency that NPI effectiveness correlates negatively with indicator values for governance-related accountability and political stability as quantified by World Governance Indicators provided by the World Bank.

Because the heterogeneity of the effectiveness of individual NPIs across countries points to a non-independence among different NPIs, the impact of a specific NPI cannot be evaluated in isolation.

Within the TF approach, we selectively delete one NPI at a time from all sequences of interventions in all countries and compute the ensuing evolution of Rt compared to the actual case. To quantify whether the effectiveness of a specific NPI depends on its epidemic age of implementation, we study artificial sequences of NPIs constructed by shifting the selected NPI to other days, keeping the other NPIs fixed.

In this way, for each country and each NPI, we obtain a curve of the most likely change in Rt versus the adoption time of the specific NPI. Each curve shows the average change in Rt versus the adoption time of the NPI, averaged over the countries where that NPI has been adopted. Figure 4a refers to the national lockdown including stay-at-home order implemented in US states. Our results show a moderate effect of this NPI low change in Rt as compared to other, less drastic, measures.

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Finally, Fig. Negative positive values indicate that the adoption of the Options 3 0 worldwide has reduced increased the value of Rt.

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Shaded areas denote s. Full size image Discussion Our study dissects the entangled packages of NPIs 23 and quantifies their effectiveness. We validate our findings using three different datasets and four independent methods.

Instead, we identify several decisive interventions that significantly contribute to reducing Rt below one and that should therefore be considered as efficiently flattening the curve facing a potential second COVID wave, or any similar future viral respiratory epidemics. The most effective NPIs include curfews, lockdowns and closing and restricting places where people gather in smaller or large numbers for an extended period of time.

This includes small gathering cancellations closures of shops, restaurants, gatherings of 50 persons or fewer, mandatory home working and so on and closure of educational institutions. While in previous studies, based on smaller numbers of countries, school closures had been attributed as having little effect on the spread of COVID refs.

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This result is also options 3 0 worldwide line with a contact-tracing study from South Korea, which identified adolescents aged 10—19 years as more likely to spread the virus than adults and children in household settings Individual movement restrictions including curfew, the prohibition of gatherings and movements for non-essential activities or measures segmenting the population were also amongst the top-ranked measures.

However, such radical measures have adverse consequences. School closure interrupts learning and can lead to poor nutrition, stress and social isolation in children 3132 Governments may have to look towards less stringent measures, encompassing maximum effective prevention but enabling an acceptable balance between benefits and drawbacks Previous statistical studies on the effectiveness of lockdowns came to mixed conclusions.

The susceptibility of other modelling approaches to biases options 3 0 worldwide from options 3 0 worldwide temporal sequence of NPI implementations remains to be explored. Indeed, the national lockdown encompasses multiple NPIs for example, closure of land, sea and air borders, closure of schools, non-essential shops and prohibition of gatherings and visiting nursing homes that countries may have already adopted in parts.

From this perspective, the relatively attenuated impact of the national lockdown is explained as the little delta after other concurrent NPIs have been adopted. This conclusion does not rule out the effectiveness of an early national lockdown, but suggests that a suitable combination sequence and time of implementation of a smaller package of such measures can substitute for a full lockdown in terms of effectiveness, while reducing adverse impacts on society, the economy, the humanitarian response system and the environment 63940

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