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It also allowed earnings without investments on the Internet qw to view and edit accounting documents in much the same way they could view and edit data on a spreadsheet. Accounting data in a set of books is organized in a tree or hierarchical structure called the NewViews Database Explorer. The Database Explorer is used to navigate between four main levels of detail: reports, accounts, transactions and distributions.

NewViews does not rely on accounting modules, as is typical of other accounting software programs.


Instead, reporting structure is controlled by the way accounts are totalled on reports referred to as report arithmetic. An account can total to another account on the same report, or to an account on any other report.

The ability to total an account on one report to an account on another report is the foundation of integration in NewViews. For example, the change to retained earnings on the income statement can be totalled to the retained earnings on the balance sheet to reflect this relationship. Total amounts from subsidiary ledgers and schedules can also be totalled directly to controlling accounts on financial statements or other subsidiary reports.

Next, you can turn off the pages all of your apps appear on.

In this way, NewViews can be set up to accommodate standard subsidiary ledgers e. Transactions can be added through journals, or directly to account ledgers. When transactions are added directly to account ledger, corresponding journal entry is created automatically.

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Account totals are updated instantaneously as each transaction is entered, modified or deleted. As each account total is updated, the change ripples forward through the report arithmetic.

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In this way, the entire set of books is updated in real-time. Historical data for all accounts are retained indefinitely, and can be viewed on a yearly, monthly, quarterly, biweekly, weekly or daily basis.

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All changes to a set of books are recorded in an audit trail that is stored within the database; it can be viewed by users with access rights but cannot be modified. Year End[ edit ] NewViews tracks transaction activity for each account in real-time.

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An account's ledger balance can be set as perpetual, periodic or opening in order to retain their history and the books are never closed. Users can set a global edit date range as part of their local account profile to prevent changes to prior fiscal periods.

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Users can set specific date ranges on the History View of reports in order to obtain snapshots of the accounting activity for any given period. Payroll[ edit ] The ability to process Canadian and United States payroll is fully integrated into NewViews, and both can be used in the same set of books at the same time.


NewViews payroll supports an unlimited number of employees, and unlimited earnings and deduction categories. Direct deposit and electronic filing have been available since the release of version 2.

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The main database file set of books can be strategy for binary options tick on any computer, local, wide area or cloud. A server is simply the NewViews program configured to run as a server and offer access to one or more sets of books.

Both workstation and server functionality are included with each NewViews license.

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Any number of users can work in the same set of books simultaneously; accounts and reports are updated in real-time, even when the books are being accessed remotely.