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Guy de Meyer and Geert Vilez of Demargro as visitors to the show. Bel'export has been a trusted name at World Food Moscow for years.

Trakya Cam A.S. (Turkey)

Joost Priem of Calsa. Here they are with Dries Sebrechts. Elena Leonovich of Vergro. She works as a quality and credit controller for Vergro in St Petersburg. Wouters Fruithandel is well-known in Eastern Europe. After many years, there was a Dutch company at World Food Moscow again.

A last-minute stand for Hoofdman Roodzant. Getting new international clients, and meeting up with existing ones. Arjan Zoutewelle and Ludmila van Wijland visit the fair.

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Chris Maat and Anna Zegveld from ripening chamber specialists, Interko. There ooo rustrading also many Chinese companies at the trade show. They trade primarily in garlic, grapefruit and industry vegetables. Jining Greenland Int. Trading, Frank Hao and Jenny. Zhangzhou E-Green Trading grows grapefruit on hectare. The Chinese delegation visits the Chinese stands.

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The Chinese stands attracted a lot of attention. Sonpy from China. This company exports grapefruit, lemons and citrus. Sandi Lai and Grace Zhang. Monica Wang and Tim Ma. Dried Ooo rustrading products from Shandong Shougung. Grace You and Ooo rustrading Shaojuan.

Closeup op the grapefruit from Zhangpu Yical. Julie and Emma. Asico from Azerbaijan is a company with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. They grown on ha themselves, harvesting more than 1 tonnes of produce. Their product then gets packaged in their own packing station. Sarkham Aliyev and Hasan Shamchiyev. Zira Foods from Azerbaijan grows the Kanka variety of tomatoes on just 8 hectare.

История Вселенной, должно быть, состоит из массы таких вот разрозненных ниточек, и кто скажет, какая из них важна, а какая -- тривиальна.

Zira is a small town on the coast, near Baku, which is Azerbaijan capital city. These tomatoes are packed in 5,8 kg two-layer boxes. The company supplies mainly Russian clients. A complete overview of South African fruit and vegetable producers is available from this organisation.

Folklore from Azerbaizjan. In two years time, this company want to supply juice concentrates and seed oil to the industry.

They grow their product on hectare in the Kurdamir region, in central Azerbaizjan, where the climate will well-suited for pomegranates. They market the organic red kiwi, that is cultivated in China. Expo Ooo rustrading sells these extraordinary kiwis throughout Europe. The company has large warehouses in Moscow. Olga Kuzmenko is promoting the red kiwi with diverse promtion material.

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Various products displayed at Expo Trade. Organic Red kiwi. Red kiwi: what they look like on the inside. Dodaco, Daniele Coppola and Marianna Capvano. Afrex Trading PRY supplies mini vegetables and edible flowers. John Kowarsky and Etienne Tartz. Etienne is showing the Ice leaf, a salty, crunchy ooo rustrading. Ali Abdalrhman of the Sudanese Centre.

This company is DEurep Gap certified and exports mangoes for nine months of the year from January to September from Sudan. They now use the Viber Heat Ooo rustrading on their mangoes.

This prevents damage from fruit flies. They supply five varieties that they grow themselves on 1 hectare. Besides mangoes, the company also supplies green beans, melons and bananas. For the first time, Okra is being sent to Norway. Interfruit Holand ooo rustrading Dubai. Julia Butko and Saber Noerzay. Saber studied in the Netherlands, thus the name of the company.

The company specialises in nuts and dried fruit. Cashews, almonds, pistachios and dates are their most important products.

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Salvi is an Italian supplier with a wide quck cas binary options of fruit.

Examples are: strawberries, pears, kiwi, citrus etc.

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This company advises on technological issues, from cultivation to storage. Mioorto is a vegetable processing company with a wide variety of salad mixes.

Marco Bertoli and Laura Pedrini. Evergood Corporation from Korea exports a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to Russia. Sophie Park. Argentina was well represented.

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They focus on avocados, grapes and citrus from South Africa, Argentina and Uruguay. Mono Azul, Nicolas Bonavento. SA Veracruz. Maria Victoria Seleme option provider Alejandra Berardi. Jose Cand Diagonal Citrus is also a lemon exporter. Eugenia Paz Posse. The Argentinian company, Citromax, supplies lemons and blueberries.

The Company may conduct the storage, transport, project design, feasibility studies, chemical and physical analyses, information processing, import, export, marketing, organization, trainingand planning businesses of all kinds of enterprises in which capital and management it participates or not. The Company, for reaching its objective and in relation with its subject matter of activity, may inaugurate storehouses, stores, branches, representations, exhibitions, and similar activities abroad or domestically.

Fabian Lobo Zavalia caught in a serious conversation. Ruzifruit was one of the Russian companies. They, just like most of the large Russian companies, import fruit and vegetables from across the globe. The Aysel Group from St Petersburg ,who also import fresh produce from many different countries.

Vitaliy Kislenko hopes the boycott will end next year. Countries like Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium have good quality products and are logistically strong. Fruitbook is a company that trades between Russia and Israel.

Mangoes, citrus and grapes are their ooo rustrading products. Kristina Zazhirieo and Sofia Shakhmatova. Ritzzon imports citrus, potatoes, sweet peppers, tomatoes and grapes from India. Svetlana Nazarova, Anna Zagranichnaya. Artes Royal Fresh, a Russian importer. RGS, a Russian importer, had a strong stream of visitors. Dan Fruit Company from St Petersburg. A Russian participant.

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Neat Russian stands. This is a large fruit and vegetable import company, who do trade all over the world. Volkov expects it will be difficult for EU companies to reposition themselves in the Russian market, after the boycott is lifted. In the meantime, products like cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet peppers are being cultivated by Russian growers and the acreage used for this is only expanding. Traders will also find is difficult to find customers on the Russian market.

MSC brings containers to wherever you want them. Les Domaines Agricole is a Moroccan company. Their products, like melons, citrus, tomatoes and grapes find their way all over the world. Kenza Ouali and Boubker Zahni. Ooo rustrading was well represented.

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Taktay from Iran supplies kiwis en other fresh produce products year round. Interpretor, Mr. Ivan Melnichenko of the Mediagroup is a Russian partner of this company and runs the logistics department. Ooo rustrading to him is Kan He Jung.

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They keep developing and strive for the expansion of the fruit they supply to the Russian market. Mutual interest is a priority for the business when it comes to co-operation. They supply a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables year round.