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Energy operations manager Laboratory operations manager This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Top managers in some fast-growing business segments may be compensated million of dollars, noted The Balance. The common public perception is that such differences in pay are unjustified, and pay levels should be more equitable.

Organizations of all sizes and types hire operations managers because they all face issues related to cost control, quality, efficiency, and demand. What is the average operations manager salary?

The big discrepancy in reported salaries likely results from the differences in day-to-day responsibilities from one industry to another. In non-manufacturing environments, for example, operations managers may spend the majority of their time dealing with staffing issues and developing company policies that reduce costs.

Operations managers who work for companies in manufacturing, scientific research, or tech may have to do data analysis, track regulatory compliance, and take responsibility for staff and end-product safety—and chances are they'll get paid more.

Let's break it down further.

How Much Money Do Operations Managers Earn?

How much does a business operations manager earn? Their job is to help every department meet its goals and reduce waste. They're generally involved in budget tracking, hiring, contract negotiations, project management, workflow development, and strategic planning.

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Many how much money can a manager make operations managers have MBA s. Eric Schaudt, manager of operations programs, material planning, and analysis at Northrop Grumman, describes the role of business operations this way: "Operations really is the heart of most companies, because the operations department actually gets the job that the company needs to get done, done.

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This can involve marketing and projects with making money on the Internet, on-location training, and even oversight of construction projects, depending on the industry. Field operations managers tend to have a lot of autonomy because they spend more time away from the central office than other types of operations managers.

How much does someone in retail operations management earn?

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Retail operations managers help store managers and assistant store managers find ways to increase profitability. They typically work for large national retailers with many locations and may split their time between a central office and individual retail locations, where they assess inventory levels, displays, promotions, schedules, and customer satisfaction. How much do supply chain operations managers earn?

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This is one of the best-paying positions in operations management—possibly because the demand for supply chain managers and logistics managers is so high that there aren't enough applicants to fill most open positions.

That makes supply chain management one of the best careers around.

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How much do hotel operations managers earn? That may be because hotel operations which include oversight of public-facing human resources, housekeeping, security, food services, maintenance, renovations, and finance isn't as technical as operations in other fields.

Even so, handling the day-to-day operations of a hotel or resort is a big job.

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It includes not only managing personnel but also developing customer service standards, optimizing internal processes, finding opportunities to cut costs, and planning events.

How much do security operations managers earn?

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Security operations managers are responsible for overseeing security personnel and all activities related to the protection of a company's assets and resources. They develop and implement security policies and processes and recruit, train, and supervise security officers.

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A security operations manager may also oversee the installation of security systems, conduct drills, develop processes for securing entrances and exits, and design emergency response plans. Where do operations managers earn the most money?

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The salary range above is so wide because the average base salary for operations managers differs not only by title but also by industry and location. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks wages for operations managers in different fields ; it has found that the highest-earning operations managers work in: Central banks and other monetary authorities Finance and investing.