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M token

All you need to do is download our free application from App Store or Google Play.

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How to log in using mToken? Open your Erste mBanking app and click the Login to mBanking button.

Other Technologies mToken PKI-based Identity Authentication Management The mToken brand is used for all Century Longmai digital security token solutions for both public and private organizations — represents strength and protection of identities, data and network infrastructure. Today, business leaders are tasked with protecting their organizations from the effects of catastrophic attacks that cause significant losses in minutes and take months to discover, contain and remediate. Moreover, the embedded Smartcard technology allows for highly robust authentication and verification deployments across multi-industry.

Enter your four-digit mPIN and click Confirm. NetBanking or FonBanking 1. Select the Login to NetBanking option in the main menu, and your mToken serial number and One-time password will appear on the screen.

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How to activate your mToken? If you have at least one active mToken on your device, within the mToken Management option you can issue new mToken activation codes or m token can visit our branch office.

M-token activation

Do you have a new device and want to use it to log in to your online banking? Transfer your mToken Choose your mToken and move it to a new device.

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Get new codes Download new activation codes and activate your new mToken on another device. Lock your You can temporarily lock your mToken as well as permanently delete it.

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Unlock your mToken With this option, you can reactive your blocked mToken and start using it again. How to transfer your mToken to another device?

This option displays your mTokens. Open the menu and select the option of moving or issuing new codes for a specific mToken.

With mToken you can generate authorization codes for [UniCredit eBanking] transactions. In order to use the mToken, Users will need to download the [UniCredit Mobile application] and activate the mToken function. The mToken function may be activated independently of the [UniCredit Mobile application]. Receiving your user ID: in the branch or via [Telephone Banking] our advisor gives you your 9-digit user ID which is needed for the first access into the application.

This option allows you to permanetly transfer your mToken to a new device. Enter the activation codes in the blank fields on your new device. They will remain valid m token 48 hours, after which the existing mToken will be automatically deleted on your current device.

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