Is it forbidden to trade binary options in Russia?


    Russia set to regulate binary options as gambling products — Central Bank report indicates May 7, am UTC, Maria Nikolova Whereas Europe and Canada have moved to ban offering of binary options to retail clients, Russia appears to be seeking a milder way to regulate these instruments. The bill envisages rules for the contracts involving binary options.

    Review Regulation The regulation of binary options in Russia as well as other financial markets in the country is complex. On the government end, the financial markets were regulated by the Federal Financial Markets from until it was disbanded by an official decree in There are also two industry self-regulating agencies.

    The entry into such contractual arrangements will be allowed only between individuals and organizers of gambling activities solely in casinos and gaming spaces located in special zones assigned for gambling. The Central Bank gives no more information on the plans in this respect.

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    Back then, Mr Lyakh confirmed that the Bank of Russia is getting numerous enquiries about binary options from police officers from across the Russian Federation. However, Mr Lyakh conceded that thus far the Central Bank has not closed any binary options website, based on the fact that a website offers binary options, as the powers of the regulator do not spread over this type of instruments. Forbes based its estimates on data derived from SimilarWeb. The data show that in April last year, the four platforms in question had more than 50 million visits.

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    This means that Russia accounted for If Russia labels binaries as gambling instruments, then binary options advertising is also set to be allowed. The document introduced amendments to several Russian laws.

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    There are amendments to the law on advertising which permit advertising of all sorts of bets, gambling and gaming, during TV airing of sports games, racing, competitions, matches, etc. Such type of advertising is permitted in all sorts of print media and periodicals dedicated to sports; also on Internet sites for sports.

    Gambling operators, bookmakers, etc, making use of advertising deals with sports teams, have to allocate funds for sports events and sponsoring the development of sport activities in Russia.

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    The whole sum of allocations including but not limited to such advertising deals should be not less than RUB 15 million.