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We may earn money from the links on this page. Tesla Model 3: The Complete Guide Driving a Tesla for the first time can be daunting, so we've explained everything you need to know about operating a Model 3. May 20, Brad FickCar and Driver So you're getting in a Tesla for the first time, or maybe you're just curious about how they work. The experience can be somewhat intimidating.

How do you turn it on? Why isn't it making any noise? Does it drive itself? What is one-pedal driving? Tesla, the EV electric vehicle frontrunner for the past decade, has some of the most technologically advanced EVs on the market. The company is currently at the forefront of autonomous tech with its Autopilot and Full Self Autopilot options features, and the car now has the capability to slow itself down when approaching stop signs and red lights.

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Teslas are constantly evolving through over-the-air updates —yes, like an iPhone—and the majority of the car's controls, including the trunk, glovebox, windshield wipers, and climate control, are accessed on a inch touchscreen mounted on the center of the dashboard.

There are a lot of unusual interactions and controls. It's a bit daunting if you're getting behind the wheel of autopilot options Tesla for the first time, but don't worry; we've answered all your questions.

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To unlock the car with the key card, swipe the card on the B-pillar, and the door will unlock or lock. With the key fob or phone as a key, simply approach the car, push in the right side of the door handle, and pull the door open.

The car will lock automatically once the phone or key fob is about five feet away from the car. You can also unlock or lock the car remotely via the Tesla autopilot options app or simply push on the roof of the car-shaped Tesla key fob. There's No Ignition You don't really turn on the car, either.

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Autopilot options depress the brake pedal, push the right stalk on the steering column—it goes up for reverse and down for drive—and you're off. To engage neutral, gently push up to the first stopping point on the right stalk for about two seconds.

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When you're done driving, put the car in park by pushing the button on the side of the right stalk. Making Adjustments To adjust the autopilot options wheel and mirrors, touch the front-facing car icon at the bottom left of the central touchscreen.

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This will bring up all of the vehicle's settings menus. Make sure you're under Quick Controls. This will allow you to adjust the steering wheel and mirrors via the two buttons and spin wheels on the steering wheel.

Here, you can also turn the lights on or off, fold the mirrors inward, lock the windows, and adjust the screen's brightness.

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  3. Buyers may choose an extra-cost option to purchase either the "Enhanced Autopilot" or "Full Self-Driving" to enable features.

Adjustments, including the driver's seating position, can be saved on up to 10 driver profiles that can be chosen at the top right of the screen. This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to autopilot options more information, at their web site.

Tesla Model 3: The Complete Guide

Driving, Cruise Control, and Autopilot Driving an electric car isn't that much different from driving a gasoline-powered car—other than that they make almost no noise at all. As we said earlier, you never really start the car.

You just put it in gear and silently creep away. Fair warning: the instant torque during hard acceleration might frighten you at first, but trust us, it can get a bit addicting.

Tesla Autopilot

Reverse is different, though, because the car emits a high-pitched humming sound when in reverse—this definitely gets a lot of raised eyebrows from onlookers. The Driving Graphic On the left side of the Model 3's center-mounted inch touchscreen, there is a driving graphic that displays your car, lanes in the road, bike lanes, railroad crossings, road arrows, stop signs, stoplights, pedestrians, and other cars it even differentiates among cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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  • August 31st, by Blane Erwin It might not be robotaxi-ready yet, but Autopilot is already one of the leading semi-autonomous driving software suites available today.

There isn't a typical gauge cluster in front of the Model 3's autopilot options wheel as there is in most gas-powered cars. Instead, the Model 3's speed is displayed above the driving graphic. That's also where the blinkers flash. How to Use Cruise Control Under the speedometer are the cruise-control speed settings. To engage cruise control, press down once on the right stalk while in drive.

The Model 3 is equipped with adaptive cruise control, meaning cameras on the outside of the car detect its surroundings and decelerate or accelerate to maintain following distances. You'll hear a chime, and the lanes on the driving graphic will turn blue, indicating that the car will stay in that lane. Once Autopilot is engaged, the car will continue to slow down and accelerate based on the set cruise control speed, and also take gradual turns.

In a car equipped with the Full Self Driving option, Autopilot can change lanes, too.

Simply hit the blinker and the car will switch lanes for you. If there's a vehicle in the way, the exterior autopilot options will detect it and wait for the way to be clear.

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You have to be within approximately feet of your car to use Smart Summon. Both Summon and Smart Summon work through autopilot options Tesla mobile app. Summon will move the car forward or reverse, while Smart Summon can bring your parked car to your location without a driver. In the app, use the crosshair-like icon to show your location, and hold the Autopilot options icon to bring the car to you. One-Pedal Driving The Model 3 has full one-pedal driving due to regenerative braking.

Simply put, regenerative braking means that when you let off the throttle, the car automatically starts slowing by using the electric motor in reverse, which also serves to send energy back to the battery. If the car's charge is full, though, regenerative braking will be reduced, and the car will not stop itself.

Regenerative braking is most apparent when the car is on a lower state of charge, therefore reserving the battery's charge.

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The Inch Touchscreen The Tesla Model 3's interior is very minimalistic, meaning there aren't many buttons or knobs. There's just one large inch touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard where the majority of the controls are, as well as two scrollable buttons on each side of the steering wheel. Normal things you expect to see in a car like a radio, air conditioning, and controls to adjust the mirrors or the steering wheel are all controlled on the central touchscreen.

Open the Glovebox via the Touchscreen Yes, in the Model 3, even the glovebox opens via touchscreen. Hit the car icon at the bottom right of the screen to open up the settings menu, autopilot options on the left under the system menus, there is a button to open the glovebox.

Configure Autopilot profiles

It closes manually. How to Use the Climate Controls The climate-control settings are also integrated in the central touchscreen. Select the fan icon at the bottom of the screen, and the climate control settings pop up. In the Model 3, the air blows out of a vent that sprawls across the entire dash—just above the wood paneling in our long-term test car. Our Model 3 also has heated seats, which can be controlled in this menu, too.

The Ultimate Guide to Tesla Autopilot

We can choose which seat is heated, even the middle back seat, and how much heat comes out in three levels. Ask Anything with Voice Command Below the driving graphic, there is a microphone icon that's used to bring up voice command. You can also press the right scroll button on the steering wheel to activate voice commands. There will be an activation tone, and then you can speak commands autopilot options as "show me Superchargers," "lock the doors," or "text Connor.

Autopilot Mode

On the Model 3 they work like any other streaming device, but they can only be used while the car is in park. The entertainment menu is also loaded with games. Our favorite is a Mario Kart-like racing game where the Model 3's brake pedal and steering wheel are used to control the car in-game.

Currently, one of the steps in this task sequence must be edited to work properly with Windows 10, version Procedures Configure the Enrollment Status Page optional If you want, you can set up an enrollment status page for Autopilot using Intune. See the following examples. Intune -Force Enter the following lines and provide Intune administrative credentials: Be sure that the user account you specify has sufficient administrative rights.