Making money on a routine on the Internet


    At a young age, you started working your best in school.

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    Reaching teenage era, you started making your parents proud. And right after graduation, there the real work really starts.

    You get a job based on the course you vedeney options in college.

    Comment Synopsis It's time to step out of your comfort zone and explore ways of earning money while working from home or under severe limitations.

    You took education; you should be a teacher. Doing the same routine every day.

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    Image Credit: Zoomar But what really makes a man happy when doing his job? Should he always be on the same field on what he learned from school? Sharing your selfies, uploading your video and overhauling your social media status can make millions of dollars in revenue.

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    Examples of fast earning and booming social media sites that have been earning millions of dollars are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Another social media upstart called Tsu is attempting to do the same.

    One of the site's greatest challenges is letting the users to know that they can earn profit from their posts.

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    The site started its company in October Furthermore, in only four months, more than 3 million individuals have joined, including known artists and musicians. Another best way to earn money from Tsu is through expanding the network as per Fromm.

    Kim has been doing well in social media, and that makes her earn more. Way to go Kim!

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    See how inspirational it is how a homeless man becomes a social media sensation. We have users who are of the same ilk as the beginning YouTubers who were not famous and now making a living out of YouTube.

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    We have those same average Joes on Tsu.