Get Paid to Hunt for Spelling and Grammar Errors: 7 Places to Find Proofreading Jobs

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He was also, as it turned out, a science fiction author with a huge fan following.

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I was born for it. The next week, Grampa showed up at school with a cardboard box containing a something page manuscript, a pad of tiny sticky notes and a blue ballpoint pen. I left the teaching profession in and started writing in I had been proofreading for Grampa since In I decided I wanted to make a real go at freelance proofreading.

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Through the course, I gained some new skills, picked up resources I needed and became a thousand times more confident that I could actually do this. How to find proofreading jobs Looking for online proofreading jobs?

Shango and his friends, using magic spells, aims to help children overcome common issues. You want power, money, immortality and good familiars, right? This is good news for you if you wish to follow along, because you won't have to spend much money if any, to perform the ritual.

Get training Look. I get it.

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For years, I was a school spelling bee champ. I cringe when I see apostrophes used for a plural.

But I also knew I needed some fine tuning When to use a semicolonanyone? You may have been a champion at sentence diagramming, but there are way too many grammar rules.

No one can know them all.

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A course like Proofread Anywhere can give you the practice, skills and resources you need to be a top-quality proofreader. Project Gutenberg takes print books with expired copyrights and puts them into ebook form, and they need a lot of volunteers to help proofread them all.

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If you know someone who owns a website, ask if you can proofread it for them. It all adds up!

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Know your worth I cannot stress this enough! Does this mean you should start out at the highest end of the scale? Decide what you want to be paid, and stick with it. Where are the clients?

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When you start looking for proofreading jobs online, you will encounter a lot of companies that are services for writers. All of them require applying and setting up an account. Some are free, some take flat fees and some take a percentage of your sales. Below are seven online companies that help you help writers put their best work into the world.

You will compete against other proofreaders for work. You may not get paid the big bucks here, and you may have to navigate authentic jobs vs.

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Fiverr is free to join and can be a really good way to get your feet wet and start building a portfolio. They will also act as a go-between and ensure you get paid. You will make money as spelled your own rate, but Fiverr keeps 20 percent of what you bill.

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Experience level: Ideal for those just starting out Cost to join: Free 2. Upwork Another good option for beginners is Upwork.


As with Fiverr, it is an online freelance platform where you will compete against other proofreaders for work. You set your own rate, and Upwork acts as a buffer between you and your client to make sure you are paid.

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On Upwork, you are invited to bid on jobs, and they have a slightly more complex billing system than Fiverr. Note that this does network and earnings include all of your billings, rather it is for amounts paid to an individual client.

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  • Rule: Always spell out simple fractions and use hyphens with them.

Again here, you may not make the big bucks, but a lot of people who go through the Proofread Anywhere course use Upwork and Fiverr to start building a portfolio and earn money. Another advantage to Upwork is the how-to videos that help you learn how to search for the right work, how to bid, how to write contracts, and more.

What you learn there translates to the rest of options program freelancer world, so why not take advantage?

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Scribendi Scribendi considers all freelance editors to be independent contractors. You will pick and choose which projects you want to take on.

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Experience level: Ideal for proofreaders with a minimum of three years experience Cost to join: Free 4. Reedsy If you love proofreading full-length manuscripts and have a minimum of 10 published books under your belt as a proofreader, Reedsy might be the place for you.

What is the Plural of 'Money? However in some scenarios, especially when it refers to discrete sums of money obtained from a particular source or allocated to a particular cause, money can be pluralized as moneys or monies, with the latter being the more common spelling.

But if you do, it could be well worth it. Reedsy, like Fiverr and Upwork, takes a percentage of what you bill, but it takes no more than 10 percent.

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Also, Reedsy limits the number of freelancers from whom a make money as spelled is allowed to request a bid to five. Experience level: Minimum of 10 published books Cost to join: None 5.

ProofreadingPal Are you in graduate school?