How Do I Achieve Financial Freedom?

Investment and financial freedom, How Do I Achieve Financial Freedom? |

investment and financial freedom

Different people come up with different definitions. Well, these are just vague and half-baked answers.

Financial Freedom

Though we often spend time discussing the topic and how we can achieve financial freedom, the truth is we are completely clueless about what it actually means. In this blog, we discuss financial freedom and a step-by-step approach to how we can achieve it.

investment and financial freedom

So, what is financial freedom? Investment and financial freedom freedom is having enough residual income to cover your living expenses.

It is not about being rich and having tons of money, but having enough to cover your expenses so that you can spend your precious time doing what you like rather than doing things just to earn money. This can be achieved only when you are prepared for it.

investment and financial freedom

All you need is a little financial planning. Here are the 3 things you need to do to achieve financial freedom 1.

What is Financial Freedom and Ways to Achieve it

Become debt-free: The biggest roadblock to financial freedom is debt. And the worst kind is the credit card debt with interest charged something between 30 to 40 percent. Refrain from using credit cards and take a debt repayment strategy to pay the existing debts.

Do this even before you start investing. Also, though it is true that all loans are not bad loans — like home and educational loans, which provide certain tax benefits, being debt-free is even a better option than having a good loan.

View More Every extra dollar you use to pay down debt is a day closer to living debt-free. Every new job or promotion adds more to the income side of your personal balance sheet. And every investment is liable to appreciate, instead of depreciate like most consumer goods. Thinking about your life in terms of cash flow is a great way to see freedom from a financial perspective.

Whenever you get a good amount of money in lumpsum, for example, a bonus, pay it towards the loan as much as you can afford. You can sketch a financial plan around it.

Start investing early with a goal-based approach: You have heard this before and you will hear this again.

How Do I Achieve Financial Freedom?

Start investments as early as possible, even if it is in small amounts, and let the power of compounding show its magic. Again having a goal-based approach helps you determine how much money should go towards each investment while you are creating your monthly budget.

investment and financial freedom

This can save you from unnecessary financial stress and save you tons of money. He wants to plan well and retire by 45 and switch professions. But, before that, he wants to ensure that he has enough financial back up to pursue a second career at the age of Now, considering the investment and financial freedom rate, years of expectancy post-retirement and monthly expenses now and thenhe has to calculate his retirement corpus. And in the next step, he has to calculate how much money he has to save every month to create that corpus in the given timeframe.

investment and financial freedom

Here is how much he will need to invest if learning options forts starts now compared to if he waits a few years, assuming a 12 percent average annual returns.

Age at which he starts investing

The recent lockdown have given "freedom" a whole different meaning; we want to exercise our freedom to step out of our homes and move around freely, to connect with our family and friends, etc. With Independence Day around the corner, the lockdown has been eased in some areas in a phased manner. Just last week my friend asked me, "When will I be financially independent along with freedom to move out? More importantly, the definition of financial freedom differs with age.