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IK Sirius were really impressive, and their football is fascinating to watch. Lineups Lineups Cr.

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Sirius started in asome changes were made after the loss to AIK. Stefano Holmquist Vecchia and Karl Larson returned to the squad, starting as the left-winger and the right-back respectively. It was because ifk option pressing intensity was often too low, only This was because the press was not well-structured.

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When facing an opponent who could move the ball smoothly like Sirius, they suffered. The press needs clearer objectives and principles — such as guiding the directions or forcing a player to get on the ball. If not, the situation would be as follow. Blomqvist pressed Hjalmar Ekdal alone, without any curved runs to shield an option, his defensive cover was exposed.

Therefore, he was late to jump onto the receiver and Sirius progressed. The shape could be interpreted as a or adepending on how the lines were drawn.

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What we were highlighting was the close proximity of the midfield trio, which always stayed narrowly at the centre to deny central access. Therefore, when the wingers pushed higher, passing lanes to the half-spaces were available.

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This required the ifk option to step up and mark the receiver tightly — a factor that made Sirius could not generate huge benefits through the vertical passes. In this case, Henrik Castegren stuck Holmquist Vecchia closely and suffocated the development of the attack.

Although the block was quite compact, it was always an issue when the pressuring intensity was low.

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Nyman was not defending much as he was an emphasis in the offensive transitions. It was more like a zonal system as the players were keener on defending spaces instead of tracking targets. It was a compact at the centre, with a narrow midfield to shield the central spaces.

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  3. Maybe, this could nullify the home advantage as the game was played at the home ground of IFK Goteborg — Gamla Ullevi.
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The wingers also tucked into the half-spaces to maintain compactness. However, no pressure on the ball.

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Not from Nyman or Alexander Fransson. Consequently, the opponent could find Holmquist Vecchia in the block, who was free because of the zonal system adopted. The players were sharp and the way they played was entertaining. After 90 minutes, their 3.

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The below image has shown the top passing links and average positions of players. Note how Sirius opened their shape to attack, including splitting the centre-backs wide, pushing the full-backs high and dropping a pivot as the second layer.

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The expansion of the shape was an important element of all positional plays. Also, the interconnectedness of players was extremely strong.

Not only the back four were circulating the ball, but they were also interacting with the midfielders.

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The duo — Adam Hellborg and Elias Andersson were exchanging passes with each other too, and they also linked with the wingers. The positional plays were the strength of the team and this was how they create chances in the open plays. Top passing links and average positions of Sirius Cr. Apart from dropping Hellborg between the centre-backs, the other two midfielders also showed good awareness to support teammates. If the opponents were not pressing, Hellborg could form a second layer of the triangular shape of the build-up, releasing the centre-backs to the half-spaces.

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This would help Sirius to find the full-backs or connecting the progressive ifk option with vertical passes. The 99 attacking midfielder — Nahom Girmai Netabay was good at reading the spaces and exploiting them. So, the below image was a scenario which the double-pivot were marked by a Peking respectively.

The crisis was solved because Girmai Netabay came deep to receive the ball.

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Even fast money making sites opponent was behind to pressure him, the Sirius 99 was calm to find Ekdal. Note how active was Girmai Netabay, who already ran forward and got rid of the marker again.

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This allowed the left-back to have two options — Girmai Netabay and Holmquist Vecchia. The attacking midfielder was found initially then he released the left-winger.

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All of these were done within one to two touches, but the passing strengths, directions and angles were well-controlled, leading to the smooth attack.

When one was on the ball, the other two never hesitated to support, always offered the carriers with two options. This was a reason that the left flank had 32 positional attacks in total, more than the total of the other two Holmquist Vecchia was phenomenal today. Apart from his tireless movements to support and connect his teammates, the left-winger also possessed physical superiority and qualitative superiority.

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