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Written by Jeff Rohde Less than a generation ago, real estate investors were at the mercy of agents with carefully guarded property data on index card files and back pocket listings.

Top 25 Angel Investor Websites and Blogs To Follow in 2020

Fast forward to today, and options plan estate investor websites with free and accurate information are a key part of the investment business. Top Real Estate Investor Websites Property technology makes it easy to locate and research, buy and sell, and lease and manage rental real estate across the entire country. Roofstock Roofstock is designed exclusively for buying investor websites on the internet selling rental properties.

There are three ways to invest with Roofstock: Direct ownership of single-family rental properties Portfolio investments to diversify holdings that are perfect for a exchange Fractional ownership investments for accredited investors Every rental property listed on the Roofstock Investment Property Marketplace also has a proforma property analysis built right into the listing information.

Roofstock knows what investors are looking for, making it much easier to match properties to different investing strategies. For example, buy-and-hold investors can choose rentals with strong cash flow, while homes in markets with rapid appreciation are a good match for the investor looking for a quick return.

Zillow Many investors think about getting a real estate license just so they can have access to the MLS. Instead, they can save thousands of dollars a year in fees that are better spent on investment property by using Zillow instead.

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In fact, many local MLS services have data syndication deals with Zillow. Real estate investors have access to free investment tools and market data on Zillow, can look for good deals that make sense, and even list their own rentals.

PropStream PropStream is a cutting-edge site where professional real estate investors use data software and analytics to conduct real-world investment analysis in multiple ways. Data on PropStream is aggregated from multiple sources. After entering the property address, investors can pull up a complete property profile with owner information, tax records, mortgages and liens, HOA, and pending divorces or bankruptcies.

Using the skip tracing function, investors can target pre-foreclosures and locate potentially lucrative off-market deals from extremely motivated sellers. The integrated rehab calculator on PropStream lets investors with updating or rehab projects drill down on the details to accurately determine costs based on local labor rates and the quality of material being used.

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Deal Machine Deal Machine has moved the process of driving for dollars into the 21st century by automating real estate prospecting. By uploading the address or picture of a house in the U. At the press of a button, a direct mail campaign is launched to reach the property owner.

Investors receive a share of the quarterly distribution of any profits along with a pro rata share of equity and return of investment capital when the property is sold. They stay one step ahead of the competition by staying tuned-in to industry news, rental property trends, and real estate marketing advice. Literally millions of real estate practitioners scan the site first thing in the morning for the latest news make money quickly on housing real estate investing basics, landlording and rental properties, flipping houses, mortgages and creative financing, and register for exclusive webinars.

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Those numbers are important because success in real estate investing is as much about who you know as what you know. As the largest and most active professional social network in the real estate industry, members of the community at Active Rain include agents and brokers, appraisers and inspectors, lenders and investors. REtipster Real estate investors using a passive investment strategy find that REtipster is the place to go for investor hacks and game-changing tools to revolutionize the business of investment real estate.

Designed specifically for real estate investors, REtipster offers proven resources on blogs, podcasts, videos, and more.

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Housing Wire Housing Wire is a one-stop shop for everything investors need to know about the world of real estate investing. Rental option deal investors can keep their finger on the investor websites on the internet of the housing market, download whitepapers on AI and proptech, and read and watch videos on trending real estate news, existing home sales and the economy, mortgage rates and credit trends, and how fintech can help improve ROIs.

These four real estate investing blog sites only begin to skim the surface of where to find actionable tips and information on real estate investing.

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Other great resources for real estate investors to find the latest news and market-moving information include the blog pages on ZillowForbesTruliaand the Roofstock learning center. Determining key investment metrics like fair market values and rents, cash flow, and ROI and yield can be done online virtually any time from any place. Investors with a short-term value add strategy may be focused on tools that help with forecasting rehab and renovation costs on rental property. On the other hand, some owners focus on rapidly scaling up a real estate investment portfolio using OPM.

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Rentometer By entering only three pieces of information - property address, number of bedrooms, and rent projections - investors can compare their target rent to other rentals in the how to make money for vacation area.

Rentometer does this by compiling a mixture of syndicated rent data, proprietary databases, and an aggregate of user-generated input to determine real world, fair market rents.

Roofstock In addition to being the best source to find single-family rental property to invest in, Roofstock is also a great way for real estate investors to research the investment potential of nearly every hot rental market in the U.

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Investors can select the right markets for each unique investment strategy, then drill down on homes listed for sale and generate an in-depth property proforma with key financial metrics like annualized return, gross yield, cash flow, and projected appreciation. SparkRental With its simple but powerful online property management software, SparkRental makes it easy to self-manage your rental properties. You can advertise investor websites on the internet units for rent across multiple websites simultaneously, collect digital rental applications instantly, run tenant credit, criminal, and eviction reports.

You can then collect rent online for fast direct deposits, and even report those rents to the credit bureaus. Their blog also offers a wealth of free real estate investing and property management tips, tricks, and tactics. In fact, come for the free education, stay for the property management software. Interactive real estate analytics tools on Mashvisor include occupancy rates and seasonality trends, potential revenue projections, cost assumptions and cash flow calculations, and investment purchase analyses.

Facebook 1. We partnered with TeamBlind to understand why. It's easy for people to find jobs at a startup on this website and invest in companies that they're interested in once they join AngelList, which is why it's very popular among startups that are looking to grow.

Stessa From one rental property or dozens, Stessa makes it easy for rental property investors to track the financial performance of each individual property and the entire portfolio. This cloud-based software system works for single-family and multifamily rentals, and short-term rentals like Airbnb or HomeAway. Simply enter the details of each property, connect the payment and property management accounts, upload and organize documents and invoices, then monitor the performance of every property and the entire rental property portfolio.

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Real estate investing websites are a great place to begin your journey toward passive income and financial freedom. Using Zillow to research market trends across the U.