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Altai Trading LLC


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    The main activity is wholesales of grains in West Siberian District of The Russian Federation; Trading feed components was launched as a new activity: started sales of soybean and sunflowers oil-cakes and meals, seed-oils for feed, full-fat soybeans, fishmeal and others.

    Seed-oil plant "Elmira" at Novoaltaisk city was included in the Holding Co. Meat processing manufacture was opened in Novosibirsk city.

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    Started sales of meat and meat half-stuff via own stores. Full-fat soybeans production plant Altai Trading LLC launched in Biisk city - Agrobiyskpererabotka LLC The second full-fat soybean producing plant was launched in Birobidzhan city. The plant included a logistic warehouse for shipping soybeans to different regions of The Russian Federation and export to China.

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    Seed-oil plant in Novoaltaiisk city was renovated: production capacity was increased and improved trading logistics. In Moscow was opened grains, feed components, and confectionary trading branch.

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    In Far East District and Altay region started crop growing activity at own lands.