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HRK 8. The fee will be deducted from your Revolut Electronic Money Account. We nl earnings on the Internet reviews the rate that applies at the time. You can see the applied exchange rate in the Revolut app.

Please see here for more information. The currency in which the Order should be executed is determined by the currency in which the Instrument is traded on the relevant market.

In order to execute the Order we need to convert the currency in your primary Revolut Account to the relevant currency.

How much do you need to pay? And when?

You can see our current exchange rate in the Revolut app. Once we have converted a currency, your transaction history in the Revolut app will show the exchange rate we used too.

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We use the rate that applies at the time we carry out the conversion. Please note that you will only be charged for Orders which are executed. Any fees charged in connection with your Trades will be debited from your Revolut Electronic Money Account and paid to the Third Party Broker once your Orders have been executed or transmitted for execution by the Third Party Broker.

This may include for example fees levied by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority transaction fees and any applicable pass through fees.

By placing an Order through us with the Third Party Broker you instruct the Third Party Broker to pay to us on your behalf any such fees and charges in respect of executed Trades on a monthly basis that are due from you to us. Please see here for more information What happens to my Positions if a company I own an Instrument in becomes insolvent or trading in that Instrument is suspended?

Where your Instrument represents an ownership interest in a company, if that company becomes insolvent, the ability to trade those Instruments may be restricted, and the price of your Instruments may fall, which could result in you losing all the money you buying bitcoins with a minimum commission for those Instruments.

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In these circumstances, the relevant Instruments will be dealt with in accordance with appropriate insolvency procedures maintained by the third-party responsible for safeguarding your Instruments, which is the Third Party Broker. You should also be aware that if trading in an Instrument is suspended or if that Instrument is no longer listed on a relevant trading venue, this may affect your ability to sell that Instrument and may result in action being taken to close out your Position.

Any proceeds arising from the sale of your Instruments will be credited to your Revolut Electronic Money Account.

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Using the Revolut App This section of the agreement provides further information about how you can access and use the Revolut App to submit Orders and monitor your Positions. Can I create an Account with another person or let another person use my Account? We don't allow you to share your Account with another person, and the Account must only be in your name.

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You are solely responsible for ensuring the safe keeping of any passwords or security credentials connected to your use of your Account and the Revolut App and we are not responsible for anything that happens on your account as a result of a person accessing your Account because you didn't nl earnings on the Internet reviews your password and security credentials safe.

Unless you have informed us otherwise, we are entitled to treat every action taken via your Account as an action authorised and undertaken by you please also refer to the legal terms section.

Will you need any information from me in order for me to use the Revolut App to submit Orders?

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While we provide execution-only services with respect to Instruments and transmit orders to a Third Party Broker, for certain Instruments that may be made available from time to time via the Revolut App, we may be required to obtain certain information on your knowledge and experience of such Instruments prior to your instructing an Order to determine, or to allow the Third Party Broker to determine, in those circumstances whether or not such Instruments are appropriate for you.

Where we or the Third Party Broker are subject to such obligations, we will inform you and request such information from you as we deem necessary in order to perform an appropriateness assessment.

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You acknowledge and agree that you will provide all such information as may be reasonably requested by us for the purposes of us, or the Third Party Broker, conducting such assessment. If you do not provide such information, we are under no obligation to execute any orders in such Instruments and we may refuse to do so.

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In order to satisfy our own obligations in relation to the Orders you may submit and the Positions you may maintain with the Third Party Broker, you agree to provide us with all such information as we may reasonably request.

This information will, among other nl earnings on the Internet reviews, typically include your National Insurance number, your passport number or your taxation reference number, or equivalent. You acknowledge and agree that we are entitled to disclose information about your Orders and Positions as may be required under applicable law, and that any information we obtain about your Orders and Positions as a result of your use of the Revolut App shall be our sole and exclusive property.

You acknowledge and agree that you will provide us with all information which we may reasonably request of you from time to time for the purposes of verifying your identity nl earnings on the Internet reviews part of the process of opening an Account via the Revolut App. You also acknowledge that the Third Party Broker may also request additional information of you for the purposes of conducting its own identity and verification checks in accordance with applicable law.

Will the Revolut App always be available? Whilst we aim to make the Revolut App available to you on a continuous basis, we cannot guarantee that the Revolut App will be available to you continuously, meaning there may be instances where you cannot submit Orders and monitor your Positions. We will not be liable to you for any loss or damage which arises from the Revolut App being unavailable, save where it is our fault.

Where the Revolut App is unavailable as a result of scheduled or urgent maintenance work, we will try, where practical, to give you advance notice of that unavailability so you can plan around it.

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It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to access the Revolut App from an appropriate device. You should be aware that connectivity to the Revolut App may vary depending on your internet or network connection, and if you have a poor or weak connection, you may not be able to submit Orders and monitor your Positions with the same speed as you would otherwise be able to with a stronger connection. What happens to personal information about me that you have through the Revolut App? Revolut Trading is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

By using the Revolut App and our services, nl earnings on the Internet reviews acknowledge that Revolut Trading will collect, use, process and disclose your personal information including your name, contact details and account details in accordance with Revolut's Privacy Notice, which is available here. This may include transferring your personal information outside the European Economic Area.

Where this occurs, we will take all reasonable steps to make sure that your personal information is handled securely and in line with our Privacy Notice and data-protection laws. If you would like more information about how Revolut Trading collects, uses, processes and discloses your personal information, please contact us through the Revolut App or by sending an email to dpo revolut. What information will you provide through the Revolut App?

We may also provide you with various market data and other information about Instruments to enhance your use of the Revolut App. This market data may include historical data about prices of Instruments, industry and sector trends and analysis on various companies and Instruments.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. In no circumstances should any of this information be construed or interpreted as us binary options with early closing of the transaction you advice or providing you with a recommendation of any kind.

We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any market data or other such information provided to you via the Revolut App and we are not liable to you for any actions taken by you or not taken by you as a result of your use of any such information.

In such instances, we rely on the Third Party Broker to provide us with the relevant information to send to you.

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Are there any restrictions on my use of the Revolut App? Your use of the Revolut App must at all times comply with our terms and conditions. You are not permitted to use any algorithms or electronic trading programs or systems in connection with your submission of Orders via the Revolut App. You can trade as often as you like subject to certain restrictions imposed by the Third Party Broker around day trading - these restrictions are known as Pattern Day Trader rules.

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Day trading refers to buying and selling the same stock on the same day. Just buying, without selling later that same day, would not be considered a day trade. You engage in Pattern Day Trading if you make more than three day trades over a period of five business days.

When trading in the Revolut app, you can see how many day trades you can still make without breaching the Pattern Day Trading rules.

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When you open nl earnings on the Internet reviews trading account with Revolut, you agree that you will not engage in Pattern Day Trading. Staying in touch This section of the agreement details how you can contact us and how we will contact you, including what nl earnings on the Internet reviews you can take if you have a complaint or are not happy about the service being provided by us.

How do I contact you and how will you contact me? If you need to speak to us, or if we need to speak to you, in relation to any matters arising out of or in connection with this agreement, we will do so via the messaging functionality in the Revolut App. We may also use the email address you provide to us when creating your Account to send you documents or other information.

What do I do if I have a complaint? If you want to make a complaint related to Revolut's trading product, please see below. If you would like to make a complaint related to anything else, please click here. If you're unhappy with our service, we'll try to put things right. We always do our best, but we realise that things sometimes go wrong. If you have a complaint, please contact us via the Revolut App. We will investigate your complaint and issue you with a response; we will endeavour to respond to all complaints within 3 business days.

If you are happy with the proposed resolution of your complaint, we will regard your complaint as resolved and we will provide you with a Summary Resolution Communication SRC by the third business day following the receipt of your complaint. If you are unhappy with the proposed resolution, or if we are unable to respond within this time frame, we will acknowledge the complaint within four business days and we will aim to conclude our investigation within four weeks.

After the four week period, we will provide a written response, or alternatively we will provide a response detailing why the firm is not in a position to resolve the complaint and that a final substantive response will be provided within eight weeks from the initial date that the response was received. A copy of our complaints handling procedure is available on request. The Financial Ombudsman Service If you are an eligible complainant including but not limited to a natural person acting for purposes outside your normal trade, business or profession i.

You volfix binary options also use their service through the Online Dispute Resolution platform.

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More information How to make a complaint If you'd just like to speak to someone about an issue that's concerning you, please contact us through the Revolut app. We can usually settle matters quickly through the app. You'll probably need to give us the information below.

If you prefer, you can make your complaint using this form. Or you can email us at formalcomplaints revolut. You'll need to tell us: your name; the phone number and email address associated with your account; when the problem arose; and how you'd like us to put the matter right.

We'll look into your issue and respond to you by email. We will communicate with you in English, unless we tell you otherwise. Compensation You may be entitled to compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in connection with the services provided to you under this agreement.

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This depends on the type of business, the circumstances of your claim and what type of client you are. Further information on the Financial Real options exchange rate Compensation Scheme can be found here.

Please note that as Revolut is not itself an authorised firm, we are not a member firm of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, but our principal, Resolution Compliance Ltd is. Your money and your instruments This section of the agreements provides you with important information about how we treat your money and your Instruments.

Is my money safe? All funds deposited into your Revolut Electronic Nl earnings on the Internet reviews Account in connection with the submission of Orders and any profits and other monies credited to your Revolut Electronic Money Account in connection with the performance of your Positions will be held by Revolut Ltd, an entity authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with firm reference number as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Regulations For more information on how Revolut Ltd will protect your money, please read the General Terms of Services of Revolut Ltd, which you can find here.

What happens to my Instruments after I buy them? After your Orders have been accepted and executed, your Instruments will be executed by the Third Party Broker, who will arrange for your Instruments to be held in accordance with applicable law.

It is important to note that we will not be responsible for safeguarding nl earnings on the Internet reviews Instruments and we cannot do so as a matter of law. Whilst we have exercised all due care, skill and diligence in appointing the Third Party Broker, we are not liable to you for any loss or damage caused by the actions of the Third Party Broker, save where such loss or damage arises as a result of our fraud, wilful default or negligence.

Further detail on how the Third Party Broker will arrange for your Instruments to be held can be found here. No, we will not accept a transfer in of any of the Instruments that you may hold outside of those acquired via the Revolut App.

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What happens if there are corporate actions on my Instruments? If there are any dividend payments made on your Instruments that are due and payable to you, we will issue an instruction to Revolut Ltd to credit your Revolut Electronic Money Account with the value of any such dividends as soon as we become aware that such a dividend payment has been made. If as a result of a corporate action, or other actions that may affect the listing of the Instrument, any Positions held in that Instruments which are not supported by the Revolut App may result in action being taken to close out such Positions.

Legal bits and pieces It might not be the most exciting section of this agreement, but it's still important, as it provides you with information about the key terms that will govern our relationship under this agreement.

Account Options

What happens to my Instruments if the worst happens and I die? Once we receive a notification that you have died, we will suspend your Account as soon as we can. The value of your Positions, and any funds remaining in your Revolut Electronic Money Account, may form part of your estate and, subject to us receiving appropriate confirmation from an appropriate representative responsible for the management of your estate, we may act on the instructions given to us by such representatives.

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