5 Simple ways to Earn Money from Your Hostel Room

How to make money for a student in a hostel

Notwithstanding while living in the hostel you can find numerous ways to make some income that would help generate extra cash for your daily expenses.

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You could then excel business-wise by making some little income from the sale of things that most students in the hostel cannot do without. Making money in the hostel does not require large capital.

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If the business venture proves productive you can increase your capital and go bigger. The profit you make is what you can spend as an addition to your allowance.

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Here are some things you may choose to sell in order to make money while in the hostel. Selling pure water. Chin Chin.

Or do you want to earn money while studying for your extra expenses? If yes, then here are some ways through which you can start earning all by yourself in your free time and do not need to ask parents for money before the new month starts. Blogging Blogging is one the biggest online platform to earn money. You can create you blog on topic of your interest like study blog, news or trending fashion.

You can make a large quantity once in a month and sell all through the month without worrying about it losing its quality. Groundnut and garri.

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They are one of the most consumed meals by students, especially on-the- go when you need something quick to quench your thirst and hunger. You can also include the sale of sugar making it a complete meal.

Rucksack Brian 8 years This is an older post, but many of us are still struggling to find services that we can charge for without taking away something that our guests already enjoy.

Inform those around you and then reduce your price slightly compared to what is offered in neighbouring salons in the school thereby increasing your patronage. You can also choose a period or time when you are lecture-free or less busy while also requiring your customers to make appointments so you can easily keep up with the demand.

Sale of certain kitchen items like onions, salt, maggi and spices depending on your preference can be done as well.

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Some students might run out of such items while cooking and going to the school market might not be as easy, so selling these items in the hostel might be a good idea.

However, since onions are perishable and require space it might be difficult to purchase in large quantity.

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But if you have space and a good place to air them out then selling them might just be a nice avenue for making money.

The list of things that can be sold in the hostel are inexhaustible and may even differ from the above listed items. Like this:.

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