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Social Media 8 Reasons to Buy Deep in the Money Calls F or many people, the term options trading is synonymous with risk and potential catastrophic downsides.

However, there are a few options strategies out there that can help limit the possible risks, present decent money-making opportunities, and cost less than just buying stock outright.

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Takeaways: Deep in the money calls are low-risk, low-reward options contracts. Deep in the money calls are great for income generation and buy-write strategies.


What Is a Deep in the Money Call? Image via Unsplash by Adeolu Eletu Before you can understand about options just a deep in the money call is, you need a working knowledge of a few other options contract concepts.

Call Options Call options give you the right, though not the obligation, to buy shares — usually shares per options contract — by a specific day for a particular price. On the options contract, the specific day is known as the expiration date, and how home participants make money 2 price is known as the strike price.

The amount of money you pay to purchase the call option is called the premium.

What Is a Deep in the Money Call?

Or if it: Has a term of more than 90 days and the strike price is two strikes lower than the highest available stock price.

Additionally, as the money gets deeper, the delta gets higher, meaning that the option should move in step with the underlying asset in terms of valuation up or down.

Deep in-the-Money Options Definition The term deep in-the-money refers to an option that has significant intrinsic value.

This differs from other options strategies in which the valuations do not move together. Deep in the money calls work in much the same way as buying traditional stock.

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A deep in the money call is a great strategy for specific investors and investing goals. Consider deploying a deep in the money call strategy if you: Are selling the underlying stock: By selling the deep in the money call against your stock, you have the possibility of earning an extra time premium on stock you intend to sell regardless.

Deep In The Money Calls by Mike Scanlin We've discussed in the money covered calls before, but given the market's recent run up, we thought it timely to revisit the subject for those of you who feel we're a bit overbought and are looking for some safety. If you do any buy-writes next week with Feb expirations you may want to consider deep in the money options. Deep In the money calls are those where the strike price of the call option is significantly less than the current stock price. What is "significantly less"?

Want to protect your gains: If you own the stock outright and are concerned about a downswing in value, you can use a deep in the money call as protection, though there is the possibility for some loss here.

Want a stock replacement strategy: You can purchase a deep in the money call option rather than outright shares in the stock at a discount. Unlike some other options strategies in option deep in the money what is it you can potentially lose an unlimited amount of money, the deep in the money call protects your downside.

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Positive ratio: The ratio of downside losses to upside profits is weighted in your favor. You stand to earn far more than you would lose should the stock move in an unfavorable direction. Stock-like behavior: These high-delta calls result in options contracts that act like regular stocks.

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This makes them substantially less volatile and easier to manage. Income: You can make a small income using this strategy. While the rewards are generally low, so are the risks.

A deep in the money option has an exercise, or strike price, significantly below for a call option or above for a put option the market price of the underlying asset. The value of such an option is nearly all intrinsic value and minimal premium.

If you plan out your deep in the money calls effectively, you could calculate how much money you stand to earn ahead of buying the options and build in a profit. Deep in the Money Example Deep in the money calls make the most sense when you see how they work in actual practice.

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Consider this example deep in the money call for a better understanding of how this strategy works. Using a deep in the money call can be a powerful strategy for risk-averse investors who are still interested in getting in on the power of options trading.

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