Where does Ivangai live and how did he achieve such success?

How much money does ivangai. How much do bloggers earn on YouTube. How much are paid per million views

Childhood and youth

But not everyone will be able to come to this. If you look at the date of creation of popular bloggers' channels, you can see that they were created several years ago. Someone inand someone in This suggests that work and patience were behind fame and money. None of them got money just like that. These people have done and continue to do what they like.

Often without thinking about money at all. If the content is interesting and relevant, then people will appreciate it and become loyal fans. And the money will come by itself. As soon as new information on bloggers' income appears, I will update and supplement it here.

Who is he, biography

How much can you earn from You Tube videos? How much does YouTube pay for views? You will be surprised, nothing pays! Read all the details in this article! Hello everyone! Today's article will be about You Tube.

YouTube is currently the most popular video hosting in official internet earnings world. In general, this is not surprising, since the world giant owns the Yu tube google search engine.

how much money does ivangai

Filming vidyuhi has become much easier than let's say 10 years ago. Now even cell phones equipped with video cameras, i. I covered this topic in detail, It is not surprising that there are more and more people who want to make money on YouTube every year. Of course, no one wants to work for free and will not - this is logical.

Necessary criteria for a channel for making money

The first question that pops into my head Nothing pays for the views of the videos you make on You Tube. It pays for people to watch ads on your channel. In recent years, revenues have dropped dramatically.

how much money does ivangai

In general, the life of a blogger I am a blogger and a video blogger are very similar, we all have the same thing. Although I know youtube firsthand, not the payments you expect, your video is blocked in some countries, the background music turns out to be someone else's In what follows, in this article, I will refer to video bloggers as bloggers for brevity.

Let's look at how much You Tube pays, how you can make how much money does ivangai and how many views you need to make more or less decent earnings, say, 30 thousand rubles. How much does YouTube pay for viewing ads on your channel It is not at all difficult to start making money on You Tube.

To do this, you need to shoot video around the clock so that your channel has at least 10 videos.

10 most influential Russian YouTube bloggers - Russia Beyond

Do how much money does ivangai violate the rules of copyright holders the video must be filmed by you. Good visibility of your videos. Everything seems to be simple, but another question. Let's immediately understand how to make money on you tube, in fact, only in 2 ways. Advertising Google bitcoin rate now chart ad clicks and views.

Channel details

Most often, the video is monetized earnings on it with the help of google ads Adsense. What is the essence of this earnings?

how much money does ivangai

In the video, an advertisement from Google is inserted at the beginning or at the end of the video or a banner, usually at the bottom, to the right of the video. You will be paid for clicks on the banner, but only if the visitor follows the link and spends some time on the site, otherwise the transition will not be counted. In addition, the topic of your channel is important, for example, porn will collect hundreds of thousands, or even millions of views, but this does not mean that you will be allowed to make money on such a channel.

how much money does ivangai

The business topic is in great demand, the cost of a click click on an advertisement is very decent. True, it will be troublesome to bring such a channel to a decent number of views. Where entertainment topics go better, say jokes or a review of video or online games.

How much do bloggers earn on YouTube. How much are paid per million views

You guys will be surprised. In general, the cost of a click depends very much on the topic of the channel - it can be 1 cent, 10 cents or 1 dollar for 1 ad view. In addition, it affects how many people watch ads on your channel.

how much money does ivangai

For example. You haveviews and 1, clicks on your ad, while someone has 50, views and 2, ad views. How much can you earn on YouTube? I must say, I noticed that recently the earnings of bloggers on YouTube have dropped very much. What is the reason for this? There are many reasons. Competition, crisis in the country reflected in the paying capacity of advertisers and the amount of advertising.

In addition, the cost per click on advertising in different countries will be different, in Russia not enough high price ad clicks. Which countries are in the top in terms of cost per click on YouTube ads? USA, Great Britain, as well as many not rich countries. Now many even top bloggers cannot get a decent income.

First steps

Experienced producers are behind the newly promoted channels. It is very troublesome to break out in the top right now. In order for the video channel to key queries went to the top, you need to shoot a video every day.

So how much is views on youtube advertising? How much is 1, views on YouTube advertising?