Highest-paying PMP jobs

How much do house 2 earn on the project

But which industries pay the most?

how much do house 2 earn on the project

Great choice! Project management can be a rewarding career, both mentally and financially. The question is, which industry do you want to work in?

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Not bad, right? Now more than ever, a PMP certification is critical for project managers who want to earn more money.

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Highest-paying PMP jobs Now, on to the fun stuff. Of the industries that had at least respondents on the PMI salary survey, these five jobs for project management professionals pay the most.

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They are listed in order how much do house 2 earn on the project increasing average salary, based on the PMI survey. Engineering project management professional Average U. An engineering project management professional keeps engineers focused on completing the task at hand for project success.

They also communicate with clients to make sure the end product is what the client wants. A successful project means guiding the development of a product to completion within a specified timeline and budget.

First, a note on PMP certification

On the other hand, the engineering PM must have extensive knowledge of the product they are overseeing, so experience as an engineer in that field may be a prerequisite. Aerospace project management professional Average U. Focus areas include risk management and quality control.

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A successful project means overseeing proposals leading to the development of new aircraft and aerospace systems. Because aerospace projects have a lot of moving parts like, a lot there are lots of opportunities for something to go wrong if anything is missed. Pharmaceutical project management professional Average U.

how much do house 2 earn on the project

A successful project means overseeing the development of new medication for the treatment of diseases or other health problems. On the flip side, pharmaceutical PMPs need an advanced healthcare degree or experience to approach top-tier salaries.

how much do house 2 earn on the project

Also, pharmaceutical research can move at a frustratingly slow pace in order to ensure compliance with necessary quality and safety regulations. Consulting project management professional Average U.

Architects can have relatively lucrative careers. Below is an outline of the highest-paying industries and locations for architects. Key Takeaways Architects plan and design buildings such as corporate offices, schools, and universities.

The consulting PM could work with environmental engineers one month and sales managers the next. In general, the goal is to furnish industry expertise and advanced knowledge to the client so that they can be successful in their project.

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However, that same unpredictability could be dizzying for someone who works best in a defined environment. Resources project management professional Average U.

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Resources project managers work in industries such as mining, petroleum, and agriculture that extract and grow natural resources. A successful project means overseeing the procurement of natural resources for efficient delivery to end consumers.

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Because of the specific processes related to each natural resource, background as an engineer in a given field farming, mining, drilling may be required.

Next up: Get your PMP certification and start sending out those resumes and cover letters. Of course, your resume will look a lot better with some project management software skills highlighted. Speaking of interviews, our rundown of common project management interview questions and what business leaders are looking for in your answer can help you prepare.

Good luck!

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